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titleCuritiba skyline
locationCuritiba, Brazil
sourceJavier Castañón
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 3.87, total votes: 342
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Rago nice 5/5  
Phcg 5/5 from São Gonçalo  
avancini So much history, so much culture! Curitiba is wonderful!  +2
MKE-bound 4/5. Brazil surprises again!  +1
Alfredocgf The wonderful city! I love this city! 5/5  +1
Cratus Heil Curitiba Republic! 5/5  +3
Raffael Rocha 5/5 for the best capital of the Brazil.  +2
Cratus One of the best.  
Brunno_Carvalho Republic of Curitiba!  +2
metroplex city 1/5 beach style skyline like all Brazilian cities no modern buildings just ugly pure concrete  +1
treebeard3 cry more lol  +5
Alebap Curitiba is a wonderful city! If you have a chance, come visit it! You´ll love it!  +3
Lucas_Wild Incredible city! 5/5 from Recife  +3
flipsmass Nice city! 5/5  +3
pgvertical Is Curitiba beautiful or ugly? Safe or dangerous? Rich or poor? Warm or cold? It's all a matter of comparison. It depends solely on what you compare it to. I, personally, love it and hate it!  
Calado Will you please at least write good English? Please? One should not write (or speak, for that matter) using similar word order from one language into the other. This may make the meaning to be conveyed impaired, or senseless for a native speaker.  
Vi_ Amo Curitiba !  +3
Vi_ Love Curitiba - Paraná - Brazil  +2
Heraclito the most Overrated city of the world, fascist people  +5
Nightsky 5/5! Almost a bit Midtown MAnhattan/Central Park feeling in this pic!  +1
Donniel Galdino Beautiful city!! One of the best brazilian cities to live, to travel, to enjoy! 5/5 from Santos / SP  +1
arthur.leao If you think you live a cold place, you don't know Curitiba yet  +1
Thiago |Klock| 2/5 for the poor skyline.  +1
eduardoazul 5/5 - Beautiful, developed and example of a city for Latin America!  +2
Thiago |Klock| hmmm example of a dangerous city? Example of a city that stopped on the time? A city full of traffic jams? Example of a poor and unusual public transport? An example of a city tha has thousands of beggars? A city that smells pee and shit?  +3
Thiago |Klock| I could easily write a lot of things, but a dont have worth time. I just ask to you guys stop thinking that my city is beautiful. The shit still happening because of the citizen's mentality, that refuse to see the troubles. Is time to grow and leave the wonderland, dude!  
arthur.leao Thiago is gonna cry hahahahahaha  +8
Pedro Mendes Thiago stop writing shit.  +3
cupview Thiago you can change city or country, go to the airport! Curitiba does not need people like you. You can try to improve your city instead of talking shit about it on the internet.  
Thiago |Klock| Should i stop writing shit, or should you come to my city and met the real Curitiba, not only the Batel?  +1
Cerrado 5/5 - From, Salvador de Bahia.  +4
Mauro Martins My Home City ......  
mhenning Finally, Curitiba appears here. Beautiful shot from the Botanic Garden.  +6
Pedro Antunes Brazil yesterday, today and tomorrow. Haters gonna hate...Bjs :*  +4
rcandre81 Brasil aguinha? Yes!!!!🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷  +1
JotaPe Now this is a nice Brazilian banner.  +3
rcandre81 5/5  +1
SpiderBHZ 3  
St Marcus Today no, Faro!  
geoffloftus I've always wanted to go to Curitiba -- I've heard it's the Seattle of Brazil!  +8
DANTAS, J. just another brazilian city  +2
ckbs 5/5 from Arima, Trinidad  +1
fastrak44 #jamielerner  
Mr. Pollo Brazil? ...again? How stunning.  +2
JotaPe It's been almost a week without a Brazilian city so stop complaining... :P  +5
wojk Greetings to all Polish - Brazilian people there!  +10
Thiago |Klock| Hail friend, how are the things?  
Lucas Correia My new home  +4
Lovecraft 5/5 From São Paulo / SP  +2
Sierrja 5/5 from Mexico, Beautiful city!!!!  +7
sofarfromhere First  +1
martinalagui 5/5 from Río Cuarto, Argentina.  +6