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titleSalvador de Bahia skyline
locationSalvador, Brazil
sourceforum user Cerrado
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 3.86, total votes: 438
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zazu189 1/5 From Recife (Capital do Nordeste) =)  
soteropolis25 Do you want some skyline, @? 5/5  
Farol da Barra 5/5 beautifull  
Bruto 5 from Belo Horizonte  
rcandre81 5/5 beautiful sea  
danielvalverde Beautiful!!  
towerpower123 Nice skyline and there actually does seem to be quite a few really nice towers in there.  
EduGomes1 5/5 Perola negra das Américas, uma das cidades mais fascinantes do Brasil, só aceita ou surta logo honey!  
BarretoSSA Espetacular!  
Houshmman Overpowering! 5/5  +1
Raffael Rocha 5/5 from Fortaleza  
Bye bye world very nice skyline, with an expressive cluster of modern highrises (more than many contries capitals).  +1
Alfredocgf 5/5 Beautiful!  
metroplex city Ugly all the way beach style buildings everywhere  +5
Levita_ndo -VM e Fabricio JF, as invejosas de Recife, curtiram.  +1
-VM Just sending my regards, as you did back in March. And in greater numbers. :)  +1
Pedro Inácio SSA This city of warm hospitality, which emanates smells of its own history, is known as the Black Rome of the Americas.  +2
Filipe_PE 5/5 from Recife  +4
Tricolor de Aço OMG! This city is so wonderful! Many colours! Salvador slays.  +2
SpiderBHZ Unregistered you do have serious problems with Brazil, don't you!  
SpiderBHZ Unregistered, neither do I, but you really need to see the country before you say something. I think that the population composition here is very close (if not the same) of that in the US, with a difference: here the "mix" is more significant.  +1
MonWorldwide 5!!!!  
cassianoitu 5/5 fron SOROCABA Brazil  
meninodevenus Super colorful, Black Rome  +1
RM_SSA Beautiful city!  +1
Tennyson Vital How imposing! Salvador, Bahia!!  +1
Edil Arda Nice view.  
muckie Great angle from SSA... Rio loves u...5  +3
jguima Primeira Capital do Brasil!!! Imagem impactante do Centro Financeiro!!  
MKE-bound 5/5 from Milwaukee.  +1
Izumy Salve Salvador! 5/5  
alejovaz 5/5 me voló la cabeza esta ciudad, es super intensa. Saludos desde La Plata.  +9
itabirinha-MG 5/5  
AlessandroSSA Salvador, the best city in the world!  
Pedro Antunes Alô, Salvador! Brazil yesterday, today and tomorrow. Haters gonna hate...Bjs :*  
flipsmass 5/5  
SpiderBHZ Unregistered, I imagine that you hardly can't wait for a Brazilian city banner just o activate your troll mode, don't you? hahahahaha You're so funny. Probably all the banners will be Brazilian cities this week cause September 7 is ou Independence Day, so you'll have enough material to have fun. hahahahaha  +4
sofarfromhere Chora mais. Se entregou nesse post.  
Bye bye world apparently nobody cares about your country and that ruined your life hahahaha.  
ruifo 5/5 from Mexico City  +2
brny Salvador da Bahia! Wow! So goood memories! Warm! Tropical! 5/5  +1
alex@ribeira Beautiful city! 5/5  +1
St Marcus How we use to say in Brazil "Sister, The lady is destructive even, saw gay?"  +4
ckbs 5/5 from Arima, Trinidad  +1
Sandro_VDC The best cultural city! Salvador is all!  +1
SpiderBHZ Now that's a 5 city and a 5 banner!!  
Rago nice 5/5  
abrandao Cool!!!!! 5/5  +1
novaes_jequieense Salvador, terra da alegria!  
-Hatori-Amaral My city  
caligola00 just cement boxes  +2
Will_NE Nice Salvador... 5/5!  +3
stewie1980 Brazil again? If there were some supertalls and great architecture okay, but it all looks the same... 1/5  +5
Bye bye world stop lying to yourself, if that was true you'd just ignore, but for some reason you can't... Froid explains hahaha.  +1
Rekarte My city :)  
Fortal1 Salvador, topíssima ;) Aceita mundo que dói menos :lol:  +3
essuera boring bored  +3
NetSpider How we use to say here in Brazil "You just have to accept, honey"  +4
Pessoa14 10/5  +5
cupview Brazil owns Skyscrapercity 5/5  +2
wander-udi 5/5  +2
Levita_ndo and growing...  +1
Bruno Soteropolis Primeira capital do Brasil !  +3
Naipesky Haters gooonna hate! :D "Why?" you ask, that's why: 1) The largest nationality in SSC, alongside the poland ppl, but 2) from an immense country with thousands of cities and 3) we are not ashamed in spam this with banner proposals.  +10
fhecher My woooooorld! :))  +1
Colossal1931 Salve Salvador, que branquidão colossal maner!  
JoaoMab awesome1  +1
Tourniquet Home  
Guga GM Vai Bahea!!! Salvador maravilhosa! Axé pra todos do SSC! 5/5 from Vitória Brasil  +4
rodrigossa It´s always nice to see the building i live in portraited as a SSC banner!  +4
xrtn2 Brazil again ?? YES WE CAN, 5.000 cities to share :)  +8
Lovecraft Brasil rocks  +4
droneriot me joking to a friend about SSC's "daily Brazil banner" is starting to turn into a reality... which Brazilian city will it be tomorrow?  +12
SDriver Nothing wrong with that. Brazil is cool.  +14
Minnesotan in Chile You are right! Boring.  +1
fhecher Maybe Rio, Recife, Belo Horizonte, Manaus, come on... we're in a country with more than 5000 cities, it's ok to have often a Brazilian city on the banner :P  +5
vitorhugoreis You can send a banner instead of complain. its open for everyone.  +1