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titleHanoi skyline
locationHanoi, Viet Nam
infoHanoi skyline is seen across the Red River.
sourceHanoi's Panorama & Skyline Gallery at Flicke
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 3.92, total votes: 357
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MKE-bound 4/5 from Milwaukee, USA. What a metropolis! Good to see this part of the world thriving!  +1
Luis regio+tapatio Perfecto picture to show those who still think of Vietnam as a country of the war Ill show it to break some stereotypes greetings from Mexico 5-5  +1
cassianoitu 4/5 fron SOROCABA BRAZIL  
-Hatori-Amaral 5 from Salvador, Brazil  
Deadeye Reloaded Goooooooooood moooooooorning, Vieeeeeetnaaaaammm!!!  +1
Minnesotan in Chile 5/5 from Curicó, Chile.  
Rago amazing development  +2
lovequangninh 5* from Halong  
PanKicu 5 from Szczecin Poland !!!  
made in ec make Vietkong great again!  +1
pi31 Nice  
CristóbalSCL 5/5 from Chile  +1
rokku_san 5 for my capital.  
Augusto Leão 5/5 from Recife Growing city in ASEAN's cities. Excellent from Indonesia.  
ckbs 5/5 from Arima, Trinidad  
Moskauer 5 from Moscow, Russia  +1
Denjiro 5/5  +1
Danang_inmyheart Great! 5 from Danang  
SpiderBHZ 5 from Brasília.  
lornova The actual Tower of Hanoi. Cool!  
_BPS_ 5  
mrbun Amazing view  
Gian/UD 5/5, Ho Chi Minh approve it  
cafevn Amazing!!!  
cafevn Amazing!!!  
nostalgy 5 from Dnipro city )))  +1
SkyJeff 5 from Brazil  
THT-United 4/5 - reminds me of a smaller cluster in Shenzhen or Guangzhou! :)  
adiyon84 awesome skyline  
Ci Na Di 5 from colombo  
kukubells nice! 5 from the philippines  +1
ЛК 5 from Moscow  +1
roydex wow nice! 5 from Philippines  +1
Sechou Wow. Looks surprisingly awesome. Take my 5 stars, lovely  +1
SLASH_2 5/5 from Khabarovsk!!! cool HN view!! Respect Viet Nam!!  +2
DespoT.кr 5 from Sevastopol, Ukraine.  +4
Gian/UD you mean from RUSSIA...  +1
Leonidych Thank you Vietnam for your markets! ;) 5 Hanoi from Russia, Ufa  +2
Adpenturz 5 for Hanoi  +1