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titleLa Petite France
locationStrasbourg, France
infoLa Petite France is a Venice-like quarter in the old town with several canals of the river Ill. Here a lot of half-timbered buildings dominate the view.
sourceJörg Dietrich
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 3.48, total votes: 285
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ab_ltf fiver from Monaco  
Alfredocgf Very beautiful! 5/5 :)  
pHarmacistacid 5/5 for Strossburi, Elsass. The Europe's heart. Germany and France at their best. Love it at first sight! 5/5 but it deserves 100/100  +1
richard fischer Not ONE star for this miserable photo! I´ver been there many times. This shot is an absolute turn-off. Shame on the photographer.  +1
Streetline Thanks a lot! Always love it to get some decent and precise feedback for photographing reality.  
yabbes 5/5 from outrerhin  
Chikoelektriko Beautiful!!!! from Tijuana  
kokomo 5/5 Finally! a decent city and not a puny Brazilian one  +1
xrtn2 Haters gonna hate hahaha  
SpiderBHZ kokomo: blah blah blah blah blah  
kokomo Not hater, but realistic. How many Brazilian cities have we had recently? *yawn*  
Yousaf1995 I liked it 5 from me  
Tennyson Vital 5/5  
Palau Authentic French architecture. French architecture is the best.  +4
Weissenberg It's hardly French though as it's typical Rhineland architecture built at the time when Strassbourg was a free imperial city within the Holy Roman Empire. It was also a German speaking city with hardly any connection to France.  +2
aoz1974 It's seems like a copy paste of Blumenau (Brasil), ahahahah. 1/5 from Chile  +4
pokidyok 5 from Ukraine  +2
Voorish-Gdansk Proper old school European architecture. 4/5  +3
keepthepast classic, not old school  
CODEBARRE75011 3/5 le tarif pour cette bannière  
oud-Rotterdammer Strassbourg is a beautiful city to visit.  +1
SpiderBHZ 1 from Brasília.  +1
MVCPA I was convinced today's banner would be an amazing brazilian banner... nice pic from France tho. 4/5  +1
vittorio tauber Nice German Architecture. 4/5  +3
treebeard3 Where in Brasil is this "France"?  +3
treebeard3 just kidding it looks beautiful, 5/5!  +1
Avemano Very charming but a little boring as a banner. Still 5/5 ofc.  +1
Gordion 5/5  
Leonidych 5 good old France