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titleRotterdam sundown
locationRotterdam, Netherlands
infoCelebrating 15 years of SkyscraperCity. Hurray!
sourceDennis Burger at Flickr
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 3.38, total votes: 303
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rapraprogasan 4/5 so nice  
A Chicagoan 3/5. "Meh" picture. But happy birthday, SkyscraperCity!  
cassianoitu 3/5 from Sorocaba Brazil  
Ligaanet To everyone saying it should be a NYC photo, get over that, it's been 16 years guys, enough is enough! Regarding the picture, could be better honestly... Happy bday SSC! :)  +1
sand_castle that can be any town 1/5  
Ligaanet To everyone saying it should be NYC, get over that, it's been 16 years guys!  
lezgotolondon 1/5 from Brussels  
username unnecessary Happy Birthday SSC! 5*!  
walterCBA looks like a boring 80's banner  +2
CapTijSlp Mmmmm a diferent picture... I seen many pictures of Rotterdam Skydrapercity really like this city but today is ok, 15 years...  
3tmk Happy Birthday SSC!  +1
CactusLord I was there this summer,the cleanest and most modern city i've been too, 5/5 from Spain  
the_escapist Reminds me of the cover of Sunset Mission by Bohren und der Club of Gore  
Union Man 5*  
EuroPortRdam :D  
SpiderBHZ 5  
jon35es 5/5 from Bilbao, Spain  
Wolkewietje Proficiat! 5/5 :)  
micrip 9-11 and no NYC?  +2
Nightjar Looks like sleazy nightclub wallpaper. 5/5  +4
ivn98 September 11 is for New York ! 1/5  +5
Ufimets Its too much NY, enough.  +7
Niels98 Then is May 14 for New York! 5/5  
space me up Love it!  
indaco1 The Hague is much better  +3
Kot Bazilio Happy Birthday SSC :) 5/5  
Ufimets black and orange picture  
okach1 Awful!  +3