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titleJakarta nightscape
locationJakarta, Indonesia
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 3.29, total votes: 257
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ST_dasa Jakarta went full Blade Runner  
ruifo 5/5 from Michigan  
renshapratama This is very bad quality, but always 5/5 for this city  
IlhamBXT 1/5 bad quality  +1
giovanniwijaya It's actually not that bad, it's just cut off at the wrong place. Here is the original image: [link]  +2
Jordan Tan 5/5 : 3 supertal on going, but still need 1 megatall  
SpiderBHZ 1 from Brasília.  +1
Daroe kemerlip  
Slovenec444 damn, those are sexy pixels  
eurico next please... 2/5  
lezgotolondon 1/5 from Kuala Lampur  +1
DespoT.кr 5 from Sevastopol, Ukraine.  +1
embassyofaudrey 5/5 Raisa land..  
renshapratama Lol