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titleSanto Domingo skyline
locationSanto Domingo, Dominican Republic
sourceMelvin feliz12 at Wikipedia
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 2.71, total votes: 243
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S.O.G Old picture, who chose it?  
ElCrioyo the picture doesn't do justice to the growing skyline of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic  
dominicanjet My lovely city! I love you!  
dominicus What an ugly picture of Santo Domingo!!!  
ChukieDiddieboppy Que lastima, esta foto no le hace justicia a la ciudad de Santo Domingo. Mala calidad!  +3
cassianoitu 3/5 from Sorocaba Brazil  
nyclatinhunk I've seen better pictures of the Santo Domingo skyline. Could have been better.  
Sparks Bogota 5/5  
arquibel 5/5 from Argentina :)  
Vixtor 5/5 from Dominican Republic.  
lezgotolondon 1/5 from Haiti  +1
danielf From Haiti? jajajajaja  
lezgotolondon Haiti is best Hispaniola  
Hafnia 4 for the lovely people and location of Dominican Republik  
jon35es 5/5 from Bilbao, Spain  
treebeard3 Bonito! 5/5 desde BR  
SpiderBHZ 2  
Aztecgoddess 5/5 :)  
Slovenec444 SLOVENIJAAA  +1