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titleLeón's gothic Cathedral
locationLeon, Spain
infoLeón is a European city located in the northwest of Spain. Founded as the military encampment of the Roman legion Legio VI Victrix around 29 BC, was consolidated with the definitive settlement of the Legio VII Gemina from 74 AD.

The Saint James Way, inscribed in 1993 as UNESCO World Heritage Site, passes through the city of León since the Middle Ages.

During the Middle Ages Leon was the capital of one of the most important medieval kingdoms of the Iberian Peninsula, the Kingdom of Leon. In 1188 the King of Leon Alfonso IX convened the first cuts made in Western Europe, recognized by UNESCO in 2013 as the first sample of modern parliamentarism in the history of Western Europe.

Leon Cathedral (Catedral de Santa María de Regla de León) is a French-style Gothic cathedral built in the 13th century over the ruins of ancient Roman baths. Probably the finest Gothic building in Spain, Leon Cathedral was closely modelled on the Flamboyant Gothic royal cathedrals of France, especially Reims Cathedral and Saint Denis Basilica.

The cathedral of Leon is known mainly for its set of stained glass, perhaps the most important of the world together with that of the French cathedral of Chartres. Conserved most of the originals, made strange in cathedrals of this epoch, was built between the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries.

Inside, 1,764 square meters of stained glass formed by 3 rosettes and 125 medieval stained glass windows illuminate a harmonious, fully French Gothic interior with three aisles, a short transept, a five-bay choir, and an ambulatory with radiating chapels. The effect of the pale stone combined with dazzling rays of sunlight filtering through the windows have given the cathedral the nickname "House of Light."
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ckbs 5/5 from Arima, Trinidad - beautiful!!  
Niemals very nice city, wonderful cathedral. Caminante no hay camino se hace camino al andar  +2
FreeMyMind One of the most beautiful cathedrals in Spain, gorgeous city. 5 stars for León  +2
soluço too long didnt read  
username unnecessary The description is way too lengthy. It's for a banner. Not a book.  +1
il fenomeno KEK  
Mintt 5 from Legazpi, Philippines!  +1
jaceq the cathedral looks great nevertheless this banner is booooring  +1
Filandon By the way, today we celebrate San froilan, the patron of the city, and it is a fest full of activities to remember the heritage: artisan work, traditional clothing, food as always was and togetherness fests and demosntrations to celebrate the union of the region  +2
Filandon Thank you Fruela! it´s nice to see that our nice small city has so much representation in the forum we visit everyday; three banners and two more from the province in the last year! and all very different to show our diverse beauty ;)  +2
Tillor87 Visca Espanya !  +4
Koloman 5/5 for beautiful León/Spain  +3
Leonidych So much info in the comments, was not strong enough to finish. But put 5 for the effort :)  
Tokei @alserrod: it's not so hard:  
alserrod lovely Leon  
Tokei Man, Leon is really beautiful, but that shot is very ugly. 4/5 because the town is awesome but the shot is ugly. The Spanish banners always look ugly...  +4
alserrod this cathedral is hard to take for a cityscape since there is no much space around it.  +1