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titleWrocław cityscape
locationWroclaw, Poland
sourceforum user lulek89
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 4.30, total votes: 461
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Marcosebas Oh Wroclaw, my city. How much I miss you.  
tb303 best city in Poland  
Rabatlover So beautiful 5/5  
Don Vito KurDeBalanz 5/5 from Szczecin  
Don Chichot zawsze lubiłem to miasto  
PanKicu 5 from Szczecin Poland !!!  +1
mapa Wroclove 5/5  +1
Voorish-Gdansk 4/5 for Breslau, Lower Silesia.  +2
Maucin Breslau? 72 years ago, awake dute :))  +1
martinalagui 5/5 from Río Cuarto, Argentina.  +1
Wrocek_fan simply the best  
Wrockoholik I'm addicted to this city. 5/5  +1
POS PL Best city in Poland :)  +1
Din Sevenn 5 from Bydgoszcz :)  +1
Junkie Vratislav 5/5  
juricaperesin Kudos for lulek89 - five stars from Croatia for a breathrobbing picture!  +3
Mick Molte In Croatian lulek means pecker so breath throbbing it is :)  
MKE-bound 4/5 from MKE. Not much height, but a spectacular European city!  
UrsoMc 5 from Maringá-Brasil. Land of my ancestors  
dreszczyk My city!  +1
Awesomekhan Love from Lahore, Pakistan  
ckbs 5/5 from Arima, Trinidad - beautiful!!  +1
Infesus 5 from St.-Petersburg, Russian Federation  +2
Deadeye Reloaded 5 Stars for the beautiful Kaiserbruecke. Planned by German architect Richard Plueddemann, built by the German company Beuchelt & Co. and opened by German Emperor Wilhelm II in 1910.  +5
Widur Powiedział co wiedział ;)  +5
Harry Mason Polish people live in denial. Regarding your comment, this is my opinion. TURN DOWN FOR WHAT!!!  
Thiago |Klock| 5/5 from Brazil for Cuckland!  
Ufimets 5 from Ufa, Russia  +1
neolp 5 from Bulgaria , KOCHAM Wroclaw.  +1
SpiderBHZ 5 from Brasília.  
łajbiarz Wrocław AD1945 i Wrocław dzisiejszy to nieporównywalne miejsca  
pokidyok 5 from Vinnytsia, Ukraine  +1
Maucin Uwielbiam! 5/5 z Poznania  
michu36 Our city, polish :)  
Kramb Beautiful German heritage  +9
tomaszek tomaszek Wrocław powstał jako miasto słowiańskie, polskie - to że Niemcy na przestrzeni wieków ograbiali nas z naszych terytoriów to nie nasza wina  +13
r_sad Oczywiście twoja wina! Jak to tak, wielki naród, i ktoś pozwolił deptać brudny солдатским butem swoją ziemię świętą!  +1
keepthepast obviously some comments that the posters did not want most people to read, likely because the posts contain untruths. Sad.  
uunxx The German heritage was pill of rubble in 1945, unlike the city in the banner.  +3
marcin954 Yes and German city's name - Breslau came from Polish Breslav and up to 16-17th city was named as Breslav.  +1
Harry Mason Comment by: Deadeye Reloaded "5 Stars for the beautiful Kaiserbruecke. Planned by German architect Richard Plueddemann, built by the German company Beuchelt & Co. and opened by German Emperor Wilhelm II in 1910".  
Harry Mason Western Poland belong to Germany AND.....Polish economy was rebuilt by Germany. That's are facts. THANK YOU WEST GERMANY (Even to these days formerly Russky-controlled East Germany is SH¡T)  +1
tomaszek tomaszek Wrocek, jak to Wrocek - piękny. 5/5 G.Śląska  +1
Vamos Best city in Poland!  +2
cavior 1/5 za bycie helmutami  
Maucin postuluję bana dla tego pana  +4
portaluser Great picture. After 45 years of post-war negligence the city still has room for improvement. In 15 years time should look quite pretty.  +1
VladP 5 z Kijowa...bardzo mi sie podoba te miasto!  +4
lumix153 Typical communistic boring city with people who thinks it's something special. Outside the averagely nice main town square is a no go area for foreigners! 0/5  +3
tomaszek tomaszek Typical boring butt-head who thinks he's somebody special. Just don't make shit here.  +16
marcin954 Have you ever been overthere scully boi?  
skansen 5 from Wroclaw – the must see city  +1
lingoman Wroclaw's fantastic! 5 from Spain  +2
kowal1981 5/5 Wroc  +1
Leonidych 5 from Ufa, Russia  +3
Widur 5 z Wrocka!  +2
CENTILION 5/5 from Stavropol, Russia!  +2
cassianoitu 5/5 from SOROCABA Brazil  +1
Rojas Pinilla Awesome city, 5 from Tunja - Bogota  +1
Krzychu70 5/5 from Poznań!  +1
tolya nice view. 5 from Russia  
twixpk 5/5 from Saint-Petersburg, Russia  +1
joeylen wow  
ZZZ Top Zaebali uzhe!  
Brookleen Tak begi, kogda nachinayut ebat!  +3
Elixiro Wow! It looks like Paris, really amazing !  +5
lodzer.m 5/5 for beautiful Polish Wrocław from Łódź - best Expo 2022 Candidate :)  +3
bali13 5 stars for beautiful Boroszló from Hungary ;)  +7
ThomasJensen Nice!  +2
Sunkid 5/5 from Ukraine. Wrocław jest bardzo piękny!  +11
helg Poland is beautiful. 5 from Russia.  +10
nick.english.dept Beautiful !  +2