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titleLjubljana cityscape
locationLjubljana, Slovenia
infoLjubljana looking north, viewed from Ljubljana Castle.
sourceforum user geoffloftus
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 3.48, total votes: 282
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ckbs 5/5 from Arima, Trinidad  
ako_si... 5 my future city if we get married :)  +1
cassianoitu Sorry but i'dint like a lot, but I'll still give 3/5  
ST_dasa 5 from Split, southernmost Slovenian city!  +1
Slartibartfas Nice mountains but the pictures doesn't really do the city justice  +3
Nike1989 one of the most beautiful city i ever been 5 from Moscow  +3
Insider2012 5 iz Splita za drage suside :-)  +2
MasonicStage™ 5 :)  +2
lumix153 Shitty town, nothing special. Just a souped up version of Commie Block cities around East Europe, and that shit group Laibach is from the place.  +2
FredPerry nice Slovenian and Big Serbian city 5  
klak 5, lijep grad  +1
PanKicu 5 from Szczecin Poland !!!  +1
CrazySerb Five for capital of Alpine Serbia  +1
Koloman 5/5 for the Slovenian Capital from Vienna/Austria.  +2
Junkie 4/5 od Skopje  +1
R.K.Teck Too soon SSC.... beautiful city though. 5 from Scotland.  +1
SpiderBHZ 5 from Brasília.  +1
droneriot Tanz mit Laibach!!  +1
Solčavec 1/1 Sending Slovenian banner without permission is not allowed. This has happened many times, and every time the picture was very poor. Someone trolls  
geoffloftus Sending Slovenian banner without permission is not allowed?? Who knew?  +2
WasabiHoney Without permission by whom? It's the guy's own picture and he has every right to submit it.  +2
UFO_joe Let's be honest, this picture is really poor quality, it's even pixelated. And it is a shame because I really like skyscraper banners because of quality content.  +4
UFO_joe However @geoffloftus I still voted 5 stars but only because I like Ljubljana, and it's nice that you liked this view so much that you decided to share it.  +2
Verso Solčavec, I doubt someone from Seattle is trolling. And 1/1 is 100%. XD  +1
lumix153 Solčavec Dеželaner, tell me please why the hard core psychos and biggest nutt cases can be exclusively found at Slovenian Petrol Stations on the Highways?  
Gyorgy @lumix153 one last stop while driving to Croatia or Italy, fuel is cheaper.  
blaszs 5 for Ljubljana and Slovenia  +3
vitacit been there counltess times and will go there for ljubljanski maraton 2017 !!! 5!5 from bratislava, slovakia  +1
vitacit ... and thanks for 2:2 with scotland)))))  +1
BadgerCT One of my favourite cities  +1
UFO_joe Not the best banner of the view from the castle. This one is better [link]  +5
Skopje/Скопје 5/5 from Macedonia  +2
Kolačić Beautiful city, really ugly banner :(  +4
Sarcastic Saracen you mean Beautiful serb city, really serbian banner?  +2
Sunkid Yes, Kolačić why don't you say that Ljubljana is Serbia? :)  
Kolačić Ljubljana is Serbia. Almost 60% of Ljubljana citizens are Serbians.  +1
UFO_joe It's not a good thing to brag that more Serbs live outside of Serbia than in Serbia. That means Serbia is a shitty country to live in.  +11
Kolačić Well, you write nonsense. Serbia is most beautiful country in the word. It's divine country. And it has more history then Roman empire, cause Romans were Serbs by origin.  +1
Sunkid Why do you speak about Romans? All people of the world were Serbs. So Serbia must pay for all wars of Roman Empire, The Third Reich etc.  +1
Kolačić Oh now I see u're ukrainian. You're the enemy of Serb + Russian brotherhood. Go die.  
Sunkid Yes, I'm enemy of Serbian, Russian, German etс Nazism :)  
soncen for my city 5/5  +1
passat1717 5/5 iz Hrvatske!  +2
RecHub 5/5 from Recife, Brazil.  +1
Albinfo 5 for slovenia  +1
tech_1 5 za Ljubljano :)  +2
Grejv 5 iz Srbije  +3
igorp Triglav takes five (Rostov Russia)  +2
Leonidych 5 нашим друзьям словенцам!  +3
Brookleen Этим НАТОвцам, ненавидящим все русское?!  +1
Verso @Brookleen, we don't hate Russians.