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titleMendoza skyline
locationMendoza, Argentina
sourceforum user gonzalog
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 2.76, total votes: 293
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gonzalog no hay que consultarle a nadie para mandar una foto para banner, y si la aceptaron es porque esta buena la foto y apta para banner  
gonzalog beautiful photo  
martinalagui Malísimo, y no nos cosultaste en el hilo de los banners.  
JotaPe jaja no podés ser tan caradura flaco!  
Guajiro1 2/5, terrible picture to show the city, and I'm Argentinian.  +1
Arthur Baz 5 from Belo Horizonte, Brasil.  
Meowingtons Not a nice skyline but Mendoza is indeed a beautiful city on street level, as you can see on this prints: [link]  +1
azevedof 5/5 from Natal, Brasil  
maximza92 10/5 from Mendouza, Aryentina  
Urban Legend 5/5 from Tel Aviv, Israel.  +1
improvisee Voto 5 estrellas por lastima xd No pueden mandar esa foto... Soy Argentino  +3
MAXROSARIO Incredible city at the foot of the majestic Andes. The photo does not show all its beauty.  +2
Lovricico 5/5 from Chile. Beautiful city.  +2
geozil no hay caso con Mendoza. No tiene un buen skyline.  +1
Olvan Arriba el Conosur!  +4
viat Hmm OK, but isn't that city at the edge of the Andes? Wouldn't the other direction be more impressive?  +2
JotaPe That's right.  +2
Bauhaus Mendoza is more beauty on the street. The Skyline is very ugly  +2
MKE-bound 4/5 from MKE.  
Nico Grimaldi East Chile?  +1
JotaPe Vendepatria :P  +2
JotaPe Why?  +2
St Marcus This is Teresina  
ruifo 5/5 from Michigan  
SpiderBHZ 5 from Brasília.  
starcooler ??  
ckbs 5/5 from Arima, Trinidad  
Pepe potamo Beautiful city, terrible banner.  +8
Julio_vr 5/5 Argentina sua linda!!! From Brazil  +3