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titleRio de Janeiro Aerial
locationRio de Janeiro, Brazil
infoAerial View of the Downtown of the City of Rio de Janeiro
sourceManoel Moraes Jr. at Flickr
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 3.38, total votes: 348
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gusbrum 5/5 I have actually landed in that crazy airport in the middle of the picture. Both the beginning and the end of the landing strip ends in the ocean.  
Raffael Rocha 5/5 from Fortaleza  
GOL2007 This city is so much more beautiful than the picture shows... sad! ;-)  +1
DarkLite Beautiful view of the bay  
Bye bye world very classy, 5 stars  
AC12 Not the best view of Rio... Could be better  +1
mrjomaled now, that's a view of Rio that I haven't seen before!  
Guga GM 5/5 from Brasil!  +1
nataliabe 2/5 from Rio de Janeiro, because this is a bad picture  
losangelino Shocked that this is Rio given the other breathtaking photos of it. Had no one told me I'd think that this was some small town on a beach somewhere. 1/5  
metroplex city 1/5 the previous banner was better  +1
JogadorDeSimCity 5/5  
cassianoitu 5/5 from Sorocaba BRAZIL..  
021 Best city  
starcooler is this Rio?? 2/5  
Mik3 Boring!  +1
Mik3 Bored 2/5  +1
brny Wonderful City, Unique Downtown with historic , modern buildings 5/5  
Cerrado 5/5 from Salvador de Bahia, Brasil  
JotaPe At least this is a new angle.  +1
Osmar Carioca 5/5  
eduardoazul 5/5  
bojko84 5/5 from Sofia, Bulgaria  
SpiderBHZ 5 from Brasília. The best downtown skyline in the country  
CENTILION 5/5 from Stavropol, Russia!  
Muyangguniang bad picture 2/5  +1
ckbs 5/5 from Arima, Trinidad  
Fabricio JF It lacks a skyscraper in this CBD. Rio suffers from excessive urban regulation laws and little creativity that only private initiative can bring. In this CBD, there is no risk of shadowing on beaches.  +2
Naipesky Great city, bad picture.  +18
nick.english.dept Beautiful Town!  +2