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titleMexico City Skyline
locationMexico City, Mexico
sourceforum user yuki_nom_ichi
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 4.12, total votes: 514
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Bon Vivant Dozens of new towers will being builded within the next years, it will became a world class skyline  +1
Nikkodemo 5/5 Majestic  
Poncho Gro Reforma :D  
Daortíz Bravo! Mexico City 5.0  +1
luar25 La imponente CDMX.  +1
garoa10 Noise  +1
SaltilloPCM Stunning Mexico City  +2
nataliabe 5/5 from Rio de Janeiro Brazil  +4
skyscraper 500 5/5 Nice skyline! Good Banner  +3
HenrikLar Gorgeous  +2
sampamex 5/5 my amazing city!!!  +2
Raley 5/5 from Chile  +5
AleksIII 5/5 no earthquake can defeat this City!! 5/5  +7
mex-urbano Love it  +3
Physchy Incredible banner, I didn't expect less of Mexico City...among the top cities in the world.  +4
mexmatt I especially like this photo because it prominently shows the Revolution Monument, a great round shape in the middle of a sea of glass towers. There are still more great buildings yet to come in this same view (including 6 cylindrical towers) and within the next few years we're in for a lot of surprises. 5/5!  +7
ElViejoReino I love u CDMX !  +4
JorgeORandall 5/5 The image is old, now there are new skyscrapers but still looks great. And the two supertalls are missing.  +2
WiChOk Fregon!!! el Monumento a la Revolución!! 5/5  +2
Luis Tapatío 5/5 beautiful city!  +2
Nassler Desert nice city  +2
Davorotten Mecsicouw  +4
LuisRomero5656 Y lo que se viene...  +2
capricorn2000 a perfect skyline for a 5/5  +2
metroplex city 5/5 from the USA great skyline  +4
wander-udi 5  +2
GoldenKid Beautiful shot!  +4
jaceq really good-looking city! excellent banner  +2
cassianoitu 5/5 from Sorocaba BRAZIL..  +4
Neiman Great Skyline! 5/5  +2
MKE-bound 4/5 from Milwaukee. Muy bueno!  +5
PinkWho 5/5 Mexico City is looking better and better  +4
Gutovsky Beautiful, very dense. Nice CBD for Mexico City. 5/5 from São Paulo, Brazil.  +6
AC12 Great Skyline! 5/5  +2
ruifo 5/5 from Mexico City  +2
Ekumenopolis MC is developing a great skyline 5*  +2
Dorado. 5/5 from Albania  +6
matilogh 5/5 Love Mexico City!  +8
JotaPe Awesome city! Greetings from Mendoza, Argentina.  +4
Anápolis Goiás 5/5 big picture... the best!  +2
WalterDy 5/5 from Foz do Iguaçu - Brazil  +6
pokidyok 5 from Vinnytsia, Ukraine  +7
lezgotolondon 5/5 from a bad hombre  +4
Leonidych 5 from Ufa, Russia  +7
jon35es 5/5 from Bilbao, Spain  +5
Muyangguniang Great picture, 5/5  +2
velbujd 5 from BG  +2
willman87 5 from Bilbao, Spain. Y QUE VIVA MÉXICO !!!  +16
Aztecgoddess 5/5  +2
Fabricio JF Wow 5/5. The CBD that has been shown in the previous banner needs to learn with Mexico City.  +8
Gutovsky Really, dude? CityxCity? Rio has its own merits.  +8
nataliabe Why do you Mexicans care so much about Brazil? Meanwhile, the Brazilians are giving 5/5 to this photo.  +5
sofarfromhere nataliable - Envy. That Unregistered guy don't lose the chance to post hate on every "brazilian city banner". See it for youself. Now, see if Brazilians are doing the same here.  +1
nataliabe Brazilians compare themselves to Europe and US, not to Latin American countries.  +1
sofarfromhere You wouldn't lose your time desperately attacking Brazil if It was really mediocre  +1
sofarfromhere Unregistered - When the subject is Brazil you always shows up crying like a little Baby. It's all about mexico and here you are moaning over your Brazil obsession. I guess you have a blue, yellow, green Dildo to have fun.  +2
nataliabe In the aspect of benchmarking. Different to you that compare your latin American 3rd world country to another latin american 3rd world country. There's an expressão in Portuguese for people like you: "o sujo falando do mal lavado"  
Jose Mari It's improving by leaps.  +1
franki_world the best in latin america  +7
Gutovsky One of, maybe. Beautiful, nonetheless.  +3
Yousaf1995 Liked it 5 from Islamabad, Pakistan  +11
ckbs 5/5 from Arima, Trinidad  +8
churro357 5/5  +2
HansCity pretty nice  +4
Colmillo 5 from Chile  +9
Tennyson Vital 5 Salvador-Bahia  +4
SpiderBHZ 5 from Brasília.  +4
RonnieR beautiful Mexico City.... 5 for me. from Manila.  +11
nick.english.dept Looking Mighty Nice!  +2
Sechou not bad  +4