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titlePonta do Sol, Madeira
locationPonta da Madeira, Brazil
sourceMarco Verch at Flickr
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 4.05, total votes: 279
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gusbrum 5/5 from L.A....but where is this place? Brazil or Madeira Island?  
Occit Brazil can Into Europe...they are 99.99% white people  +2
cassianoitu 5/5 from Sorocaba BRAZIL..  
lmpanp Brasil is a European country? LOL  +4
ERVATUGA Brazil?!?!?!?!?! WTF! Look this: [link]  
gyn-sp 5/5 from São Paulo, Brasil. "Que bela nossa província de além mar!"  +3
RafaelMeireles2 LOL  
Busco This forum is so used to forcing Brazil on everyone - even when they show a picture of Portugal they label it as Brazil! LOL  +5
Barragon haha where is portugl? Ponta da Madeira? never heard of it  
Sunkid Very picturesque. 5/5 from Ukraine  
Loro. 5/5 Allahu Akbar  
xrtn2 I didnt know that Brazil annexed It  +4
NetSpider Ave Brazilian Empire  
brny 5/5 The beautiful Madeira Island- Portugal for SURE !  +2
claroscuro 5/5 for Ponta do Sol, PORTUGAL!  
claroscuro 5/5 for Ponta do Sol, PORTUGAL!  +3
carl_Alm Já começamos a dominar o mundo? :D  
Urbarbore 5/5 from Galiza. I wish all places in the earth were at least so beautiful like this is.  
Rekarte Where is Portugl?  
changthethieuem CR7 hometown  
paulista1978 Where is Portugl?  +1
Naipesky Where is portugl? Classic  +1
Thiago |Klock| hahahahahaha "Brazil"  +3
Muyangguniang Awesome 5/5  
bitolado lovely image. poor description  
Alexsal Fab. Looove it.  
pho4nix Ponta do Sol, Madeira. Portugal  +1
Suburbanist An amazing place, several thousand km from the nearest Brazilian piece of land though.  +3
ken2000ac That's what makes it so amazing.  
SpiderBHZ Brazil???? hahahahahah  
Mauricereed This is on Madeira not Brazil!  +1
sezha portugal?  
ckbs 5/5 from Arima, Trinidad  
Naipesky Las islas de Madeira son brasileñas!¡  +8
Lino wtf? Madeira is in Portugal! Brazil is very far away.  
lezgotolondon They are a possession of the British Empire called Madeiralands  
Paranormal phenomena Nice.  
Paranormal phenomena 4/5  
Tiozão 5/5 from Recife!  
Arthur Baz Yeah, that's Madeira Island, Portugal! Anyways, 5 from Belo Horizonte, Brasil  +3
•ALDI•aaa Beautiful!!! from Campeche,Mexico :)  
LMCA1990 Umm, isn't this in Portugl?  +12