banner of November 30, 2017

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titleLinz waterfront
locationLinz, Austria
sourceMichael Hierner
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 2.77, total votes: 238
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Re-L 5/5 from Samara, Russia  
Slartibartfas Meh, 3/5. The old down behind the camera would have certainly made for a nicer picture.  +1
Busco weak  
Chris00 3, cos I was rating the banner, not the city, and it is not a noce one.  
Chris00 *nice  
vitacit 5/5 to Linec from Bratislava. Our Danube sibling)))  +2
ribery77 2/5  
Koloman 5/5 - Simply because it is Linz.  +1
SpiderBHZ 2. Not a beautiful banner at all!  
defy 5 to Linec.  +1