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titleSan Sebastián waterfront
locationSan Sebastian, Spain
sourceByron H at Flickr
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 3.98, total votes: 270
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ckbs 5/5 from Arima, Trinidad  
soluço Mini rio  
mortaccidepippo la kontxa mola!  
Forza_imperial Por casualidad no es San Escobar?  
butel donostia  
Daortíz Que linda San Sebastian 5.0 desde San Salvador  
smoby My city! The most beatifull city in Spain  +1
CNGL DONOSTI! I badly want to visit it again!  +1
Cratus Looks like a Brazilian city  +3
St Marcus Niterói  
St Marcus Minha buatchy  
Re-L 5  
franciscoc one of the cities with best landscape and best cuisine in the world  +4
SpiderBHZ 3  
lolailo donosti, the most beautiful city in the world  
Naipesky ...that the sun of San Sebastian is just too hot for me  
hmm17 5 a Donostia