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titleLeon's skyline from metropolitan park
locationLeon, Mexico
infoThe most iconic view of the cityscape from Leon, Mexico. The photograph is taken from the metropolitan park, the biggest natural space of the city with 300 ha. / 740 acres.
sourceforum user julioctz
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 2.81, total votes: 407
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DarkLite I like this banner. It gets a top score from me  
Yörch Mal banner, no le hace justicia a León.  +4
MartinUrtaza I just wanted to show a little bit of my city :)  
MartinUrtaza Well... it's iconic for León, but obviuosly it has nothing todo with many cities.  
heyitsme Linda ciudad, pero le falta crecer y desgraciadamente su 'explosión urbana' es demasiado desordenada y poco planeada 2/5  
Sparks Bogota I Like it 5/5 from Colombia :DD  +1
naruciakk Nice view, but why the city's name is larger? :C  
Polonda Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico  
elzorro Great view!! 5/5 from Argentina.  
jesuz1970 mi querido leon guanajuto  
elbereth Malísimo banner.  
sampamex 5/5 desde CDMX.  
Pedro Antunes Amo a León y Guanajuato. Están chidas  
manuelmonge random brasilian city: 5/5 YASSSS BEAUTIFUL OMG ***** a mexican city: trash, poor, ugly, etc  +6
nataliabe Again, Brazil was brought to topic when it's a Mexican city. What's the relation between Brazil and Mexico? Nothing.  +1
metroplex city 5/5 from California  
Fortal1 The most iconic view?  +4
kokomo 5 buildings and then small houses.... a little bizarre  +1
WiChOk Excelente!!! Pansas Verdes un fuerte abrazo desde Torreón Mex  
JBGC117 Mmm no hay "armonia", está feo xD  
rodineisilveira León, mexican city which held the matches from the 1970 (Jules Rimet Cup) and 1986 FIFA World Cup.  
Tiozão 1/5...  +3
redcode 5/5 for that massive park  
rcandre81 5/5 from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil  
CNGL I sweared I didn't remember such towers in Leon... then realized it's Mexico, not Spain.  
goschio Pure beauty.  
eduardoazul 1/5 - No me gusta!  +1
Natsudie Not surprising coming from you :)  +2
leonvandersar Love this city because it is my first name!  +1
aoz1974 Se parece a Concón, Chile, con esos edificios enormes sobre los cerros  +2
Abu.EdL I found amazing this modest skyline with colourful houses conected to nature. 5/5  
Utente davvero. Very poor.  
Ondro ewwwww  
SpiderBHZ Interesting. I've never seen a picture of this city before. Give this banner a 4  
sand_castle old hi rises 3/5  
fuckencio disgusting  
Madrasee Feel nostalgia when i see the building but nostalgia alone does not give scores.  
realbizkit Highrises should have been built in the valley, not on the top...  +3
KiffKiff An iconic view ? lol  +2
building demolisher Give us our water! 5/5 By the way  +1
GrAlt It feels like a French 70s movie.  
Zaz965 I like building on the hilly landscape  
gandhi.rushabh1992 Interesting skyline, bad banner to represent it. 3/5  
wpthomson 1/5  +1
churro357 4/5  
ckbs 5/5 from Arima, Trinidad  +1
Paranormal phenomena don't know but this place is a bit different from the usual cities. I.e. All the tall towers are on the top of a hill, with some newer ones under construction in front. Looks pretty basic to me. Concrete jungle of lowrise. At least it has some green still. Hopefully that green is permanent, otherwise it will just be just an endless sprawl looking city with a few bland concrete talls.  
skyduster It's León, Mexico, which you can explore in Google Streetview. The city has a very charming historic center, surrounded by typical North American medium and low-density sprawl.  +2