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titleCastello Utveggio
locationPalermo, Italy
sourcekismihok at Flickr
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 3.57, total votes: 228
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ConceptArt 5/5 from Wroclaw, Poland  
juricaperesin good fellas - bro - luv palermo :D 5/5  
Fabouninou thanks for thesharing !  
lezgotolondon 5/5 from Palermo, Buenos Aires  +1
all depression 5/5  
brick84 is not rappresentative of Palermo.  
Mick Molte place where Syracuseans go take a dump  
Llanowar 5/5 from Torino  
kokomo Palermo, beautiful city. Had the chance to visit it last year. However, this picture does not honor properly such glorious city  +3
Grazhdanin 5/5 из России!  
giovannimi1976 Terrible photo of a beautiful city! 5/5  
SpiderBHZ 2  
staso whoa pretty damn good. 5 from corrupt Slovakia!  
ckbs 5/5 from Arima, Trinidad  
Neutral! Unique and artistic. F I V E S T A R S * * * * *  +1
vittorio tauber Who on Earth chose that misrepresentative pic?  +1
Skyscraper87 Seriously...didn't you have a better pic of wonderful Palermo???? u.u  +1
madriles Con la de cosas bonitas que tiene Palermo, creo que la foto no le representa demasiado  +2
ILTarantino Palermo has much much more than you can see on this pic  
vittorio tauber Primo! 5/5