about the daily banner

Everyday a different banner is in the header of the SkyscraperCity web pages reflecting the global membership of this community. For registered members, the banner changes at midnight local time, for guests it does so at midnight Pacific Time on the XL pages, local computer time on the forums.

submit a banner

If you would like to submit a banner, please make sure it complies with the following:

  • use an image that has an urban theme
  • image size 615 x 123 pixels, .JPG and 72 dpi
  • no added text, flags, symbols or other markings on the banner
  • provide the source (name and url) of the original image
  • tell us what we are seeing on the image
  • if you are a forum member and took the image yourself, please provide your user name

In case you want your city up there for a special occasion, please provide the banner as soon as you can. Keep in mind the occasion is a reason why your city is up there, not the main theme for the banner. We try to get as many banners up there, but as there are only 365 days in a year, choices will be based on quality and the number of times a city has already been up there. Please check the banner archive first to see if your city has been selected recently. Also, if you are more concearned about just having your city up there, than you are providing us a high quality banner, than please don't send it in.

If you still think your banner is good enough to go, please send it along with the requested info to ssc@skyscrapercity.com. Forum members can also send a PM to Jan.