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titleMiami skyline
locationMiami, United States
sourceforum user QuantumX
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 3.86, total votes: 301
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jvitor2012 I love this city! :D 5/5  
Thiago |Klock| 4/5 from Curitiba, Brazil  
QuantumX Thanks!  
marcvader You definitely outdid youreslf with this one, Q. Cheers!  
SOLOMON Ma ia ma!  
Der Kaiser 4/5 from Colombia  
kuznetskiy 5* from Russia!  
viper1165 Nice Miami shot  
joselph22 Best Miami skyline picture I've ever seen!  
QuantumX Thanks! That photo not only has all of the Miami skyline in it, it has Biscayne Bay, Miami Beach, the Atlantic Ocean and Sunny Isles Beach in it. It wasn't easy getting all of that into a banner, so I think it's my best one yet.  +2
Aceventura Thank you QuantamX! Hello to everyone in Russia thank you for the love!  
prahovaploiesti 5/5  +1
Shreyansh V 5/5 from Patna,India  +1
Mony Vi is that... is that will smith right there?  +1
stwebm 5  +1
jon35es 5/5 from Bilbao, Spain  +1
Apple. Chicago is best city but poor pictıure  
fruit&nut Poor picture 2/5  
URBAN BEAUTY can u please elaborate?  
CENTILION 5/5 from Russia  +1
Сисястый 5 пиндосам от русских.  +4
Saken007 5/5 From Kazakhstan  +1
desertpunk Quantum does it again!  +1
URBAN BEAUTY Sunny Isles in the background!! YUMMY!! 5/5  +2
Antoniojbl 5/5 from Brazil  +2
Fin_NT 5/5 from Nhatrang, Vietnam  +2
loit2007 Впечатляет 5/5 from Russia  +1
AutoUnion хрень  +2
Zack Fair Hello Miami. Love from Canada!  +1
ekko 5/5 from Russian Federation!  +2
Loro. 5/5 Oh yes, we hate Dilma!  +2
Evgeni60rus 10! от ватника, обажаю этот город!  +2
Pop Bogdan 5/5 Very nice photo QuantumX !  +2
redcode 5/5 from Danang, Vietnam  +2
marcvader Great photo!  +1
QuantumX Oh, I see now. Yes, that would have been nice.  +2
QuantumX I mean I don't understand the Belgrade comment.  
Verso Belgrade was bombed exactly 100 years ago by Austria-Hungary. Miami could be on banner tomorrow (nice banner, btw).  +1
QuantumX I don't understand.  
SkyscraperSuperman Superb photo!  
QuantumX Thanks!  +1
Tchokan 5/5 from Portugal  +3
vartal 1 прямо не пожалеешь )  +3
Dubrovnik Miami 5  +2
Verso Miami? Could be something about WW1, like Belgrade.  +1
NellyUSA Good!  +1
mangy Nice!  +1