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titlePreston Bus Station
locationPreston, United Kingdom
infoProtected Brutalism that is now subject of a design competition.
sourceforum user Twizzer88
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 1.70, total votes: 506
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viat But it's also not that functional as a bus station. What's the point of having a building if you have to go out in the rain to board a bus?  
viat OK, I opnene the link, there is some merit to this building, but unfortunately this banner doesn't show it, it's a panoramic so it makes the building look smaller then it is.  
viat its brutal  
PresidentBjork Can't help but love something that upsets so many idiots.  
omar91 What is this?  
wander-udi 0/5  
Svetoslav Suronja Yes, brutalism.. My eyes feel brutalised -.-  
viniciuspvh ugly 1/5  
pjm0512 Amazing place! My favourite (and only) brutalist building  
Exethalion SSC doesn't like Brutalism :p  
LDN N7 It's actually a very cool building. Could have made a better banner though.  +1
Svetoslav Suronja Only thing brutalised here are my poor eyes XD  
WonderlandPark A brutalist bus station, hmm  
lFer What?, enserio?, 1/5  
Gutovsky And we have a new record low.  
Oranje Strijder 0/5  
DUBAI10000 horrible 1 out of 5 from Boston  
cristian815 Para estos casos deberían habilitar la opción cero estrellas.  +1
franch Le doy 1 estrella y me estoy arriesgando.  
LondonTubeBrad Used to use it twice daily  
tatesf Termini is much better than this  
smyrnoff lol 1 from izmir.  +1
Xtreminal Yuck. 1 from Glasgow  
Ame wolf 55 I love this building. Cool  
Ame wolf 5/5  
richard manaba a bus station.that is so patetic.  
BerkeKayalar It is very ugly, 1/5!  +1
Axelferis 0/5 it saoule be forbidden here  
Benonie I suppose it's a nice buikding. But it is a bad banner. And that's what's this rating is all about. Sorry.  +1
Kozhedub Should have been named "Preston Bus station"  
Gardel 1/5 No comments  
Leandrix Lol  
RavensFan0606 Would be a Zero if possible  +2
Bonaerense24 Worst banner ever.  
Northender You kind of have to see it in person to appreciate the true scale. It is, however, hideous. But as it's my home town it gets a very unbiased 5 stars  
LeitoStafe -Yes, one ticket to the Flop 15 station, please. No, only one way.  +3
Andrezinho Folks, start uploading skyline banners!  +1
gerwaz wtf?!  +1
marand92 -10/5 = although for the UK standards, not that ugly  
ThatOneGuy Awesome building, but that must be the worst possible photo of it you can take. It should have been taken from the side looking across its length in bright sunlight.  
avto_trest -1  
RobH I wish people would read the link before posting things like "wtf" or "I don't understand". I kind of like this building, it's got an honesty to it. But agree with others, it doesn't make a great banner so 2/5 from me.  +2
marand92 honesty, as opposed to all those bloody lying, dshonest buildings? its honestly crap if thats what you mean  
Pendlemac As someone who has used this a lot, it looks like something designed and built by a bunch of 3 year olds!  
Iluminat Very cool building 5/5  +1
TETA We're waiting for public toilet in Preston... 1/5  
vitacit actually i kinda like it and it's rather nice extravagance in the field of the sunny, colorful banners. 5/5 from slovakia  +1
PerpetualBrum Spent many a night here! I LOVE IT!!  
AUTOTHRILL great building, listed at grade 2 in past 6 months. horrid banner, mind  +1
andriyko88 Открытие Зенит-Арены, Санкт-Петербург, Россия, 2050 г.  
Skopje/Скопје 5/5 from Macedonia  
Vagamundo. One of the worse banner in the history!  +2
archifect -1  +1
Salif I am British, I don't need to see pictures of our horrible things on here. I see enough of them already.  
louietzki26 Amazing!  +1
tur Flop 15  
R.K.Teck Amaing. Rare piece of brutalist architecture which I actually like. 2/5 instead of 1/5.  
Gerald Lewis Really? for a banner?  +1
[NL] Mr.Mit. [NL] Terrible banner 1/5  
Ji-Ja-Jot awesome -5/5  
Yilku1 U wot m8?  +1
falp6 A great architecture but not for a banner.  
Mesopotamico =/  
Ygor What?  
rcandre81 0/5 i'm not understanding  
RobH Read the link then!  
tiojuli Si señor, de los peores banners de la historia! Directo al Flop 15 :lol: 1/5  +1
sanjupalayat Not a great banner, but 5/5 for the beautiful city i used to live in!  
Figini a 0/5 from Argentina. Very hilarious and humillating  
aan_mustafa good angle for me but not for skyscrapercity  
skyscraper2012 interesting landmark.  +2
goschio a bus stop? gretting from Angola.  
Copperknickers I just learned it is not actually possible to give 0/5. Not because it looks bad, but because it is by far the nicest looking building in Preston.  
arafat11 fantastic!  +1
KiffKiff Direct to Flop 15  +7
Singidunum 5/5 for our Brutalist brethern from the island  
ZZZ Top What is that? It is 1/5  
RobH Did you read the link?  
Federation2014 wtf?  
Dubai Skyscraper Is this a joke?  +1
Svetoslav Suronja bring back the horses!!!  +11
gfol flop 15  +2
nicosia what???  
Ibuprofen lol  
joaorio ugly  +1
prahovaploiesti 3/5  
Looking Up classic brutalist example of the many uses for concrete  
Edil Arda The garage may be good example of classic brutalist architecture, but I believe banner is not the right way to show it. A brutalist cup would be perfect.  
Edil Arda garage banner? why?  +3
Tande Brutalism rules!  +3
potiz81 Ugliest banner ever  +7
AlexTS it was 1.36, my vote changed it to 1.52 - cool :) :) :)  
Cyrus If it were in Iran, you would certainly see just some buses!  +1
osmant 1  
eighty4 There will be better views of preston...this is terrible  +2