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titleMoscow skyline
locationMoscow, Russia
infoSkyline of Moscow. Modern, futuristic-looking skyscrapers and supertalls at the right on the photo, some highrises around and a classic skyscraper of Moscow State University at the distance.
sourceRuslan Prokhorov at vKontakte
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 4.19, total votes: 516
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Fio241 A beautiful city skyline!  
jaceq great, impressive view, rgrds from Lodz, Poland  
gwrdn 1/5 from Donetsk, Ukraine. Glory to Stepan Bandera!  
kynn to Adolf  
arhimed2050 5 for new Moscow City district  +1
Elixiro 5 from Algeria  +1
Pak_Forever 5/5 from Pakistan  +1
igor 5  +2
mixxer People from all over the world gave a highest rating to this banner and only the ukrainian brothers gave 1. Thank you, dear brothers!  +5
Julia_1988 You are wrong. I'm from Switzerland. I don't like Moscow and your banner too.  +2
kynn Julia from Switzerland))) this is another reason to move from Moscow - bad banner  +1
Julia_1988 Oh that's so original.  
kynn and you so original -if you dont like moscow than banner bad too)) yammy  
LanGeo 5+++ from Lviv, brothers. Be one!  +3
Unregistered Дякую!  +1
oktvor 5  +1
orel2016 Обоснуй  
Slartibartfas One of the most awesome compact skylines you'll find, anywhere. 5/5  +2
Julia_1988 2/5 from Switzerland  
Unregistered 5 из Казани)  +2
IgoryokOmsk 5/5 fr Msk  +1
CENTILION 5 from Stavropol, Russia  +1
darkie_one Just one of this skyscrapers is designed by russian, none are engineered or built.  +1
Architecture lover They don't have generic nature, that explains a lot.  
kynn 5/5 from Nizhniy Novgorod  +2
PbICb NN city5  +3
AlexandrSh So much butthurt fron Urines and other scums :) Nice...  +1
SDriver Nothing special. China has x10 skyscrapers like this in every city. Nothing to proud of.  
P_David 5 from Venezuela!  +5
Daortíz Nice 5.0 from El Salvador  +5
demand 5/5 from Nizhniy Novgorod  +4
orel2016 5/5 из города Орёл, Russia 5/5 from Orel, Russia  +4
dirtyshock 5/5 from nizhniy novgorod  +3
Architecture lover The first rule as I type this comment says: English only, foreign comments will be deleted. So why do they constantly use the alphabet which the South Europeans gave them? If it wasn't for the South Europeans these people wouldn't have known how to write even in the 21st century.  +1
SDriver Because they're ignorant, they dont know English and they think that the world revolves around their poor 3rd world country and that all foreigners must know russian.  +1
Dober_86 Why be so Russophobic. If we haven't been given the alphabet we re using now we would have adopted and developed something different. Same as to say the Europeans wouldn't have been able to write till this day if it were not  
Dober_86 If it were not for the Romans who gave them the alphabet. That's utter b.s.  
Architecture lover @Dober_86 These people didn't have an alphabet till the 9th century AD. Like it or not that says a lot about them. It's not only the alphabet, just look at this whole comment section and maybe you'll realize how ignorant and prehistoric it is.  
SDriver Why so Americanophobic, Ukrainophobic and Worldophobic?  
Architecture lover @Dober_86 And I don't know what does russo-phobic even means. I just see a bunch of ignorant people, didn't the russians beat people at euro 2016? I don't want to be arrogant, nor egocentric, I'm just stating some facts.  
Kuba.wro Больше свободы и демократии, а не небоскребы.  +1
Motherussia 5/5 from Spokane,WA  +4
baczek333 We've had too many banners from Russia lately. Petersburg 6 days ago, Nizhnyj Novgorod 4 days ago and now Russia again?  +1
kynn Russia is everywhere  
Jabunja 5 от Саратова!  +2
Dober_86 5 from Saratov, negra nerusskaya! :)  
vinttt 5 from Grodno, Belarus  +1
wojtor 5/5 from Yoshkar Ola, Mari El  +1
oltemont 5 from Voronezh  +1
Sheikh23 Moscow doesn't always get a good pic, but this one is just gorgeus and it deserves for a 5 ;) Greetings from Wroclaw, Poland  +5
Igor622015 Почему тут у многих бомбит от русского языка? Русский язык второй по популярности язык Интернета. Кто не понимает на русском это их проблемы.  +8
SDriver I translated your message. So guys from Indonesia, Chile, Portugal, Sri Lanka, namibia etc. have to know your local language, used in 3 countries? No. The don't. Second language of the internet? BS. More like 20th.  
Alluxi 5/5 from an Italian living and studying in Moscow))  +4
Urrrbanist 5 from Zagreb, Croatia  +2
Ysh 5s from everywhere, only ucrainians shout in anger. May be, it's something wrong with ucrainians?  +7
DespoT.кr you're pizdyn  +1
SDriver Nope it's ruSSIans.  +1
DespoT.кr Very nice, but only 1/5, and you know whу. From Sevesatopol Ukraine.  +1
Ysh Tell me about it. I live in Sevastopol.  +7
Sheikh23 I hate it when people get political here, its a skyscrapers forum and we're rating aesthetic aspects, nothing else  +4
AlexUNN Best city of World!  +2
Evgeni60rus Кореец дело говорит!  +4
CAPMAT Hey fagot, we forgot to ask you how to act with russians.  +1
DespoT.кr When North Korea will launch a nuclear missile at Seoul, I'll see how many balls you put Pyongyang.  +1
Infesus let all world see, how ukrainians making deals. they are jealous and worthless pieces of shit. you can compare post-Soviet Kazakhstan and Ukraine in terms of population and GDP  +7
Davidinho That demonstrates who the real aggressor is. I haven't seen any Russian fighting against Ukrainian banner photos, but SOME Ukrainians, Polish guys and Baltic people actually attack Russian banners. They look like Don Quixote fighting the windmills. This banner deserves a 5, no regardless my opinion about the country, its capital, government and people.  +7
SDriver "Korean", sure.....  
Dober_86 Because our Ukrainian brothers have an axe to grind. Ask them, dunno if I ever saw such hatred and trolling from Russian under a Ukrainian banner here. They are ill-bred and barbaric. Probably the only such nation left in Europe.  
Roli85 5/5 from Oradea, Romania  +3
zahid111 5/5 from Baku, Azerbaijan!  +3
ogonek 5 from dark empire  +2
loit2007 5/5  +2
Ufimets 5 from Ufa  +3
AAEORD Amazing Moscow, 5/5 of course!  +2
Khavrolev 5/5 from N.Novgorod for capital of Motherland  +5
NaMosca Impressive! 5 from Brazil  +3
Greenninja Awesome banner, great skyline 5/5  +1
Zjr 5/5 from Brazil  +2
bidonv amazing.................5/5  +1
V_etas 1/5 :)  +3
нафта по 20$ Унила хуєта  +2
AlexUNN Это вы про киев?  +5
ICOSIUMCITY 5 from Algeria, beautiful city, impressive skyline. love it  +3
Vita_ 5 from Ekaterinburg, Russia  +2
wkiehl101 5/5 from the USA  +3
Женя vote distribution посмотрите! русофобия обыкновенная  +1
CAPMAT English is the only accetable language on this forum.  +1
KAMITY37 5/5 Beautiful city.  +2
AutoUnion 5/5 from European Union  +3
CAPMAT 1/5. Nothing especial – boring skyline with crappy buildings.  +2
Alexsal Top marks brilliant banner.  +2
superfan Epic  +1
chuk30 5 from Chelyabinsk, Russia  +4
Charlesp 5/5 - great collection of skyscrapers!  +3
JOHANNES1983 Wow!!! 5/5 From Colombia...  +3
THIOLI 5/5 from Brazil  +4
chambre12 5/5 from Mexico City!  +3
William.freire 5/5 from Brazil !!! :)  +3
Mariscalito 5/5 from Paraguay  +3
stereotip 5/5 from Ufa  +6
BarMNE 5 from montenegro  +4
iceicebaby 5 ! городу где я родился и прожил детство ! :)  +3
Sr.Smih In Soviet Russia, the modern has some skyline - 5/5  +2
Lukazz 4/5 from Brazil  
NewKIWI 5+++ from New Zealand  +8
MyTho 5* from Vietnam  +9
SapphireDen 5+++ (Полевской, Свердл.обл)  +9
Kahars Beautiful banner! 5/5 from Brazil.  +9
andres124 futuristic and modern, i love it!!!!!!!  +9
O Natalense 100000000000 do Brasil  +9
Dober_86 5 from Vladivostok!  +8
Sherobag 5 from Ukraine. We are brothers forever, don't listen idiots!  +23
botinko 5 for the default city!  +8
lordpine 5 from sydney, looks great now that their all done  +8
Infesus 5 from St.-Petersburg  +10
Andr_Vigin 5 stars from Crimea  +13
tic Yuck  
keokiracer I dont care about the politics surrounding this. Nice city 5/5  +11
eurico five!!  +3
Beomnaegol 1/5 from Vladivostok, Russia. Moscow is not Russia. It is an example of how you ought to to live.  +7
Beomnaegol and example of how you ought not to live.  
Davidinho And that makes this banner bad... OK. Iron logic there in Vladivostok which is a n example of neither how to live, nor how not to live, unlike Moscow.  +1
Nightjar Revolting. Typical botting from the Putin fanboys. :vom:  +2
SDriver 3/5 from Sukhumi, Georgia.  
KievSD русские недели на скайскрейпе  +8
ancov The best of the best!  +9
Erwann 5 stars to the best capital city in the world, everything there is magnificent, Moskva City, the Kremlin, the Red Square, the "seven sisters", ... From France.  +18
VG 5 from Bristol, UK.  +11
ANDR3Y 5/5 from surabaya,amazing  +9
gao7 5/5 awesome skyline  +9
golov 5/5 A really nice looking banner, thank you!  +9
Ludi 5/5 очень хороший, привет от Берлином  +13
disposal Fantastic view! I'm really glad to see how bold architectural ideas are being implemented in the city. Unfortunately, many hateful thoughts concerning politic issues permeate here. I think persons expressing them have nothing to do with architecture as art. For music lovers music is a picture made of sounds, but for others it is kind of annoying noise. For maecenas buildings are kind of architecture, but for others it is just politics.  +23
renshapratama Here's my 5 rate, from Jakarta - Indonesia *cheers*  +10
pokidyok Let's rename Banner of the day to Russia Today, why? Everything aside from Russia is wrong zombified world. We are happy to see this crap over and over again...  +2
Pacho_ Great MOSCOW !!! 5 stars from Burgas/Bulgaria :)  +16
asp373 Best Moscow banner ever :-) 5/5  +8
iBACuJIb 1/5 to aggressor as usual  +12
Andr_Vigin Salo uronili!  +12
Davidinho iBACuJIb твоя единица не просто оценка! это ж бесценный вклад в борьбу с агрессором. Слава диванным войскам! Героям сала!  +2
megajack Moscow City - vse sosite! )  +5
андрій1988 кто пихает столько разных баннеров российских сюда? и зачем интересно? недавно была ведь Москва и вид на Москву-Сити и вот опять... это своеобразные попытки кому то что то доказать и показать?  +7
Taurasi Это демонстрация какелам, чтобы вы свалили нахер с этого ресурса.  +35
андрій1988 тоесть козломордые специально навязывают русские баннеры в надежде что хохлы задолбаються смотреть на эту несуразицу и свалят отсюда?  +1
bus driver bombit? Nikto ne meshaet vam predlagat` bannery ukrainskih gorodov. Take part!!  +26
андрій1988 просто складываеться такое впечатление что кто то очень хочет покрасоваться и произвести впечатление на грязных пендосов и загнивающих европейцев пихая сюда свои баннеры по несколько раз в неделю да и это фото уже было практически в том жеракурсе...  +1
Federation2014 С неподдельным интересом посмотрю на крутые киевские мегатоллы на баннере! Предлагайте, не стесняйтесь, поддержу!  +23
SDriver Finland doesn't have even 100m skyscrapers but quality of life there is 1000 times higher than russia.  
Federation2014 Who cares? Here are skyscrapers, not economy. You can search some other sites for talking about economy or policy;)  +8
Andr_Vigin Потому что Путинские агенты повсюду! КГБ всесильно!  +2
AlexUNN зато с украины повсюду проститутки по три рубля  
SDriver Oh skyscrapers? But when ugly Nyzhni Novgorod banner was posted you score 5 as well only because it's ruSSia. Skyscrapers.....  
Furry I hate russia  +11
bus driver it's mutual  +19
Alexandro13 ma va fanculo testa di cazzo  +1
Furry Stop using google.translate and act like you are a foreinger  
BlackHust haters gonna hate  +2
Alexandro13 davvero,va fanculo,ancora ;)  
Furry 1/5 from Moscow to Moscow :) BTW, there are too many banners from russia.  +10
ovnours There are too many comments from you.  +33
Turbulences Follow in musculus sphincter ani externus!  +1
Turbulences Furry, follow in musculus sphincter ani externus.  +1
Furry Hey, I'm 22 and i live in this city whole my life. I hate russia because i like human right and democracy.  +6
Turbulences Так собери манатки вали из моей страны туда, где тебе будут лизать всё тот же musculus sphincter ani.  +22
Kreys 5/5 from Saratov  +6
Turbulences 5/5 from Samara, Russia! Moscow-the best city in the world!!!  +12
Igor622015 5 Мегагороду)  +8
Furry English is the only accetable language on this forum.  +2
Federation2014 Лучшему городу Земли:)  +4
Boris_54 respect  +4
Skur_S 5 from Barnaul, Russia  +6
croomm and 5 stars again!  +9
Parravillian Zdravstvuy Moskva 5/5  +10
Furry Dosvidaniya  +4