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titleAthens waterfront
locationAthens, Greece
sourceAlexandros Maragos
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 4.22, total votes: 202
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MP04 5/5 from reunion  
mdk_ 5/5 from Sofia, Bulgaria! 5/5 για την όμορφη Αθήνα από τους φίλους σας από την Βουλγαρία!  
Mali Beautiful! 5/5  
playmannn Spectacular, neighbours! 5 from Sofia  
SurowyOjciec 5/5 from Poland, Łódź. I know this is Athen's banner, but this 5 goes to all Greece.  
Reality7 This is not Athens, it is Piraeus.  +2
Sky88 5 from REPUBLIC OF SRPSKA!  
desertpunk Inviting!  
jaceq beautiful! friendly citizens!!  
dilmohanklm A beautiful place with a loads of beautiful people :)  +1
username unnecessary This is a photo of Athens Greece. Not Brazil. The photographer is Alexandros Maragos. His webpage is www.alexandrosmaragos.com  +1
Jan Thanks for pointing out, I just fixed it.  
Oleg84 Very nice:) 5  
CENTILION 5/5 from Russia  +1
Adpenturz Sepintas mirip kota Ambon...  
Дisiдent АТИНА !!! 5/5 from Pancevo/SRB  
MerCha 5/5 from Belarussia  
vas8 Amazing photo. Athens is a great city to live in and has a great potential to become a tourist and business destination!  +2
dolinalima 5 apo thn Servia ;-)  +2
Mony Vi 5 from Germany  
V.BOBR 5 from Ukraine!  +1
Yarami Marvelous! Five points to Brazil, a stunningly beautiful country and our BRICS-partner, from Russia  +2
Exethalion It's not even Brazil you thickskulled Commie.  +1
ovnours Would some1 do smth about banners going crazy already?  +3
Parravillian Athens?? I think someone stuffed up...  +6
Silvist пятерка! практически владивосток, только мостов нет.  +1
BlurredLines 5/5 for Brazil! From Pakistan!  
disposal This banner deserves a loud standing ovation!  +2