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titleReykjavik cityscape
locationReykjavik, Iceland
sourceYi Lin Jiang at Flickr
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 3.97, total votes: 140
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NOMAD€ inkredibol racchiavik!  
SRC_100 Brilliant city and country  
Muergano Seems so clean fresh by the water  
Davidinho One of the greenest, safest, cleanest cities in the world. An eco-city of 21st century, a model of an environment that others should study and implement. Plus, harmonic architecture, smart design and bright perspectives. It is 5 from me and can never be less for Reykjavik.  
Davidinho The Opera House Harpa is just amazing.  
Stazhar 5/5 from Belarus  
disposal 5 for intriguing football!  
vitacit been there, love it. afram island from slovakia !!! 5/5  
Calvio 5/5 Excelente panoramica que hermosa ciudad de Islandia,desde El Salvador  
IThomas 5/5 from italy! Reykjavik is like a woman with an iced fika. But i don't care at all, I like the Iceland's calippos :)  +1
HansCity Looks like Punta Arenas  +1
SpiderBHZ 3  
Claudio Henrique The photo isn't so impressive, but 5/5 just because I love Iceland and dream to visit Reykjavik one day.  
CastorM huh huh huh:)  +3
BoardLord 5, do you remember about arrosticini?  
Ivan the Immigrant 5/5  
jon35es 5/5 from Bilbao, Spain  
Istorik2012 5/5 from Kiev  +1
VladP 5/5 from Kiev, Ukraine.  +1
Leonidych 3/5 from Ufa