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titleDetroit skyline
locationDetroit, United States
sourceJason Mrachina at Flickr
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 3.86, total votes: 400
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going-higher 4/5  
Ronnivox 5 from Divinópolis  
amfalex 5/5. Beautiful City!  
Pecochito Retail 5/5 from Lima!  
jonathaninATX 5/5 for the Motor City!  
Christina Aguilera 4 (-1 for Eminem) laugh  
nick.english.dept A city with a lot of character buildings and neighborhoods that have fallen to decline, crime etc. This once very important city can and will overcome the difficulties and burdens of the near past. Detroiters should look to what other cities that had fallen into despair and see how they managed to overcome their difficulties. As for the light, what the heck is wrong with light? :)  
jarahell 5 from ambato ecuador  
somrach1 8 miles  
thetophop 5/5 for AMAZING DETROIT!  
Forza_imperial this city RIP and regards to Hamtramck 3/5  
Edil Arda whats the deal between Detroit and Ferguson?  
diarag Amazing! The Motor town. The great lakes.  
lezgotolondon 5/5 for hardcore pawnshop  
Morrov555 Isn't it in Chicago?  
FLAWDA-FELLA 4/5 for the birthplace of the Motown sound.  
Apfelsaft love Skyscrapers but the GM-headquarters (it's GM isn't it?) is just hideous  
arac 5/5 from Uruguay!  
RobertBR Detroit Rock City, baby!  
Yarami Что-то зачастили с американскими баннерами :/  +1
Chapelo cry about it some more.  
hybridy put your hand for Detroit...i love this city  
kjnb 5 from Almaty City  
JRQ Not the best angle. 4/5  
Blackhavvk Again USA? OMG  +1
Chapelo umadbrah? get the fuck over it.  
MyTho 5/5 from Vietnam  +1
Nurshat 5 from Ufa  
Chinesekiwi looks so utterly fake - bankrupt and decaying city  +1
ovnours 4  
Saken007 5/5 from Kazakhstan  
on_the_run now you know how many banners just look good - nothing to do with reality  +1
RASEC33 looks like you are missing the whole point! It's about rating the banner not the city!  +6
arhimed2050 +5 for Bankrupt ))  
WileyCoyote Beautiful!  
jaceq only two  +2
sandoz25 put your hands up 4 Detroit!)  
NickNN Too bright. 3/5.  
wojtor lighting bankrupt  +5
fserges I like this city  
wasiliew_ 5 from Silesia...szkoda tego wymierającego miasta...  
Voorish-Gdansk 2/5 you are not fooling anyone here, Detroit.  +4
velbujd 5 from BG  +1
Xtreminal 4  
Askario 5/5!  
loit2007 Bankrupt  +4
V.BOBR 5 from Ukraine!  +1
Kykypy3o 5/5  
Get High Too much light, it looks like an asian city.  +1
Radiokott Buduschey stolice Chrernorossii tolko 5!  +2
ekko 5/5 from Ufa, Russia  +4
De Klauw I mean of course the GM building.  
De Klauw I like the historic skyline very much. But not the GE building.  
ChazTumbelaka 5 from Balikpapan, East Borneo  
Exethalion 5/5, Detroit will never die  
Tchokan 4/5 from Portugal  
benjaminn 5/5 from Sofia, Bulgaria :)  
oilpower 5/5 from Ljubljana, wish you a bright future Motor City  
BrunoBA 5 from bratislava :)  +1
Moravak 5/5 From Brno  +2
blue zal Fantastic!  
@rtem 1/5 from Ferguson  +15
Exethalion you wouldn't last 1 minute in Ferguson  +2
Druid4ever 5/5 from Yekaterinburg  +5
Fouz Fantastic!  
disposal Fantastic!