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locationKyoto, Japan
infoKiyomizu-dera is a Buddhist temple in eastern Kyoto. The temple is part of the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto UNESCO World Heritage site.
sourceKiyomizu-dera at Flickr
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 4.16, total votes: 326
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prahovaploiesti 5/5  
Isco92D muy bueno!  
WB2010 Simply 5/5 for classical Japanese beauty !!!  
Edil Arda too colourful, therefore 4.  
chennaidesi 5/5 Nice city  
CapTijSlp Very nice picture  
Vinícius Osasquense Woow, love at first sight for the city!! 5/5 '--'  
Olympique_Lyonnais 5/5 from France. subarashii !!  
PiotrGdz 5/5 from Grudziądz POLAND ;-)  
loit2007 5/5 from Russia  +1
farrar4 4/5  
singoone Great! 5* from the Czech Republic, EU  
Andrezinho WoW! I Love It!  
Tande 5/5. Greetings from Finland!  
SpiderBHZ 4  
persian Visited this city as a child and loved it.  
FromLublin that view sounds like [link] :3  
kapturek Nice one!  
Xenoplas just beautiful  
Axel76NG I love the colors!  
Voorish-Gdansk Amazing 5/5  
ancov wonderful!!! 5 from Moscow.  +1
Arestullah 5 from Palembang. Very beautiful  
Leonidych 5  
andreicukapp *too  
andreicukapp waaaay to edited.. 1/5  +2
wander-udi 5/5 Amazing banner  
JorgeORandall awful 1/5  
viat Wow, just WOW, so BEAUTIFUL. I wat to visit Japan, One of my ex-girlfriends was Japanese, that was a very interesting experience...  
yuishun 5/5 from Viettrictiy  
Naipesky So nice the inverted ToKyo.  
alexss1987 I love this city sooo much!!  
JamieUK I'm in love, easy 5* from Yorkshire.  
Majevčan 5/5 from Republika Srpska ;)  +2
Ekumenopolis I was there exactly one year ago. Ah, the memories!  
BlackHust subarashii! 5/5 from Russia  +4
BNE01 Kyoto is one of the great cities of the planet!  +2
Melbourne Muse Been to Kiyomizu-dera - stunning place!  
antaramir Beautiful! 5+ from Berlin  
Kanto 5/5  
mike_blum 5 from Russia. Very nice!  +5
Rich2018 5/5 from Russia, SPb.  +8
sourierservice 5/5 from Karachi, Pakistan.. beautiful view