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titleLausanne fireworks
locationLausanne, Switzerland
infoCelebrating Swiss National Day!
sourceforum user General Electric
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 2.36, total votes: 236
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Manitopiaaa You can count the pixels in that picture!  
funny Сусідам з Дніпра лише 5. Але, нажаль, це все що гарне можно показати в Запоріжжі ввечері.  
prahovaploiesti 4/5  
General Electric [link]  +1
General Electric :((This is NOT the same quality, this banner and what i post here:  +1
JotaPe Ugly picture.  +1
Edil Arda very poor quality.  +1
Kumanovari Happy Birthday Switzerland!  
Blazar Swiss Whitewash  
LaPaz Urbanismo 1 from Bolivia  
SpiderBHZ 1 from Brasilia  
vitacit city is OK but banner ? eh.......  
FloripaNation Horrible photo quality  
keycap Pic from webcam rip? ;)  +1
Hps95 1/5 from São Paulo  +1
nachop666 Mirá como están esos pixeles papá!  +2
Tchokan 2/5 from the Azores, Portugal  
Baitalon terrible quality 1/5  +2
dj4life WBE (Worst Banner Ever) :D  
ab_ltf fiver from monaco  
matt_12 not easy to picture that the little lights on top are French cities (Evian...) on the other side of Lake Geneva  +2
Dubai Skyscraper I feel sorry for Switzerland, getting a banner like this for their national day...  +9
Ampsicora Me gusta Spain! 5/5  +2
pyataki 5 from Crimea, Russia  +6
anonymoususer I had to put a 3/5 due to the fact that not many buildigns are visible and all that catches the attention is the little flickers in the back