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locationYazd, Iran
infoYazd, the metropolis in Iran that grew in the middle of the desert, is a very special place in an incredibly interesting and welcoming country. Centuries of improvements and adaptation to survive extreme climatic conditions, led the builders of the city to provide shapes and structures that look, to the eyes of an alien like me, out of this world. Tall walls to project more shadow in narrow alleys, windows and apertures placed strategically to avoid the sun, and the fascinating windcatchers or Bagdirs standing above the roofs and domes in the horizon. Windcatchers are nothing less than natural air conditioning without plugs or the use of mechanical devices, apparently invented by the old Persians several millennia ago. These imposing air cooling systems are especially big and varied in Yazd. Try to find a place to go up to the top of a roof to enjoy a skyline of windcathers, minarets and cupolas in all its glory.
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persian 5  
nikopol One of the most beautiful city I have ever visited. Getting lost in its narrow streets is experience of itself  +1
Ras Siyan Beautiful, mystical Yazd... I love those windcatchers. 5/5 from Djibouti!  +1
afim7 beautiful - 5 from city of Angels  
Berluskoni 5 from Almaty  
Neem 5/5 from Chelyabinsk, Russia. Love Iran  
wojtor 5/5 from Yoshkar Ola, Mari El  +1
SpiderBHZ 4  
Mick Molte 5/5 from Varaždin, Croatia  
Fluxit Nice colors in the photo! The place seems to have a nice atmosphere.  
AlexMitrany 5/5 from Sofia  
Vadon Язь?  +1
avto_trest 5/5 from Grozny, Chechenia  +5
prahovaploiesti 5/5  
Cyrus The info is from Atlas of Wonders website: [link]