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titleUpper hill, Nairobi
locationNairobi, Kenya
sourceJordan Haro on instagram
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 2.99, total votes: 316
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mombasite gabriel Beautifull east african city 5/5  
jaymedari 5/5 lovely  
Intoxication can't give it more than 3 atm  
news99999 5 from Batumi, Georgia.  
Tego 5/5 from Abuja, Nigeria  
sponcer_cv 4/5, not the best picture.  +1
jjdns looks like a giant tesla tower. anyway 4  +1
joseeric08 Lovely  
ReginaMills 5/5 from Pakistan  
The E.N.D Upper Hill looking good!  +1
Blue sun 5/5  +2
Cratus 5/5 from Brazil  +1
SpiderBHZ 4  
kensta87 nice ... supertalls coming soon.  
FrankOlsen Lovely! Impressive African city. 5/5  +2
Skyscraper12345 2/5  +2
asparagus91 Voted 4. The city is very peculiar. But photo has a low quality, it's made throw the glass.  
bojo6666 ....Amazing... 5/5 from Sofia, Bulgaria  +1
brian the real story Not a thrilling photo ,but that my ride or die,love you home  
Dhuks they should have got a better photo tbh  
zahid111 5/5 from Baku, Azerbaijan!  +3
african I love the Nairobi skyline but this photo is low quality and doesnt show how awesome Nairobi really is. I've seen Nairobi photos that are 100 times better than this one.  +2
sandoz25 nice skyline, but lame foto  
Mintali 5/5 awesome city  +2
Wildbeest great city!!!  +2
I do 3/5 from Israel. Looks like a bright future for the city  
Carver02 Nairobi's great, although this pic only shows the "Upper Hill" area plus two other towers, there's much more to the skyline.  +1
jeremyt Awesome City 5/5  +3
FelixMadero elegant towers!  +2
osmant 1  +1
osmant welcome to flop!  +1
KAMITY37 5 from Cameroon.  +2
RODDAS A city in transition  +3
Manalive 5/5  +4
JuMpStyLe4eVeR 3/5 because it's an african city, if not, it would be lower. Anyways, Nairobi has better pics!  +2
Dhuks Do african cities operate to a lower standard  
keepthepast Yes.  +1
The E.N.D MTE. Mxim.  
stwebm 4  
hsark yea! Nairobi  +1
blantyre bazaar Looking good  +3
JustWatch Beautiful city . Amazing Skyline 5/5  +2
ribery77 5  +3
Kenyan_yungin Stunning 5/5  +3
prahovaploiesti 3/5  
Alex_94 what a ugly city  +3
blantyre bazaar You're ugly  +10
Dober_86 Ugly. 1 of 5.  +1