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titleBudapest 1942
locationBudapest, Hungary
infoThe illuminated Chain Bridge and Royal Palace in 1942. Both were destroyed during the Siege of Budapest.
sourceforum user Fortepan
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 4.08, total votes: 348
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ancov Budapest szerelem!  +1
Union Man 5*  
Union Man Just to add - a beautiful city, visit if you ever have the chance.  +1
Chaos7 5/5 from Nis, Serbia.  +1
ruifo 5/5 from Mexico City  +1
Urrrbanist 5 from Zagreb  +1
Maks33 5 from the city of Vladimir, Russia.  +1
Santywatashi Its so dramatic I love it  
kokomo Gorgeous!!!!  +1
Aladar 5/5 from Aladar :)  +1
BlazD Genius! 5/5  +1
prahovaploiesti 5/5  +1
Turbulences 5/5 from Samara, Russia!  +2
mike_blum Only 5 from Russia  +2
Wernher Too good to be... wait, that's not a fairytale castle! It does exist and you should visit it. Support Hungary, save Europe.  +2
DanielFA 10/5 from Buenos Aires!  +1
Barak Obmana 1/5 for inappropriate time,  
maximN1 4 Van Helsing )  
SpiderBHZ 5 to the city, but 1 to the banner.  
Nightsky 4/5. A bit of a gothic feeling here!  
Keremart Budapest!!  
PosoniumAster 5 form neighbours in Bratislava/Pozsony/Pressburg!  +4
andreisaratov 5 from Saratov, Russia!!! I hope i will be here next year.  +2
Packie Budapest is beautiful city, but this photo is... ok only. But 5/5 from Krakow, Poland.  +2
DonKristoffo 5 from Stargard - Western Pomerania - P O L A N D !  +2
jalanajak Kazan Budapestke 55 bere!  
Ysh interesting 4/5 from Russia  
vitalist 5 for Budapest, but this view... looks spooky  
zahid111 5/5 from Baku,Azerbaijan!  +1
Askario 5/5 from Kazan)  +1
ModeSD artsy)  
Limassoler Chaine bridge was restored, now it's time for the Royal Palace to return to its original form.  
lalibela Beautiful city  
arhimed2050 Great! 5++ from Kazakhstan!  
Dober_86 Artful. 5 stars.  
Leonidych 5/5 from Ufa, Russia  +2
Pedro Torres 5/5 Awesome!  +1
Arthur Baz OH NOOOO I accidentally voted 4 instead of 5 D: I'm sorry for lowering down the grade, but I'd vote for 5 if it wasn't the incident...  +1
peterski I don't find anything amazing in BUD, one star only.  +3
vitalist Did you ever been in Budapest ???  +4
Bardia Saeedi 4/5 - from Iran!  
Elaks 5/5, Simply beautiful. Cheers from Poland!  +2
SevenSlavicTribes another 5 stars from Bulgaria!  +1
ВОДА 5 stars from Bulgaria!  +1
RegioManio Amazing Budapest!  +6