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titleoil refinery skyline
locationMartinez, United States
sourceJames Daisa at Flickr
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 2.71, total votes: 246
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geoffloftus Strangely, the actual town of Martinez is small and very pretty.  
F_Yara Is that some oil refinery? I´m sorry, not the best picture. Good luck next... 1/5 from Venezuela.  
KaRinaKa Thank you for the beautiful photo of a night city! Take off from Minsk Belarus 5/5.  
Waldorpstraat.nl Amazing Picture. Don't know the place  
Ampsicora CESM hall of fame. 2/5 from Sardinia, Black Sea, Russia.  +1
Svetoslav Suronja Not better than Priština, 3  
Victhor I thought Martínez was the photographer :D  +2
keepthepast As one of the lesser desirable towns in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is a paradise compared to most of the rest of the world's living places. And thank you Martinez for producing the gasoline we need.  
grijix T2 Picture awesome  
yosoyelrey its like a city, very clever  
Fenix_2007 Sorry but no. 1  
bidonv what the hell is that? 0 from algeria  +1
Nightsky Chimney skyline! 5/5 for the picture. Amazing picture, horrible place.  
BoardLord CESM  +2
Nikom a different skyline, but also amazing 5/5  
RPG If only this picture could describe the smell... The night view is awesome though. 5/5  
username unnecessary As dystopian as what comes to mind by reading the title may be, nevertheless the skyline is impressive and the picture is fantastic! 5/5  
Harry Mason It's better than a ugly grayish Russian Khrushchevki skyline, and better than Norilsk.  +1
AmoreUrbs Yes, just like a Norilsk-Dzerzhinsk comparison  
AmoreUrbs A Taranto with less curriculum, less migna and more Spanish speakers.. 1/5, from Бари, Republic of Апулия, Russian Federation  +2
NOMAD€ 3  
Ваня Нее ребят, Омску круче, но поставил 5  +3
superfan Ideological 1  
Shard-on A bit different but in a good way, 5/5  +2
SpiderBHZ 1  +1
stwebm 1  +1
Grejv what is this, a power plant?  +1
Deadeye Reloaded Impressive skyline!  +1
AlexTS It's a very beautiful place :)  +2
Edil Arda Looks epic.  +2