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titleTeresina from the top
locationSao Paulo, Brazil
infoPonte JK - Centro Zona Leste(JK Bridge - East Downtown)
sourceJuscelreis at Instagram
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 3.40, total votes: 106
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Aztecgoddess 3/5  
abrandao Teresina is really far away from Sao Paulo! What a mistake SSC!  
thebonz Who knew there was a city called Teresina till today. Nice developing skyline though.  
Kahars A small error of 2700 km  +2
Zaz965 Teresina, location wrong  
NetSpider Tiête river became green?  
Rodriogs Teresina!  +1
Hps95 TERESINA!!!  +1
Raley Beautiful Sao Paulo 5/5  
flavioralencar Teresina - PI  +3
Naipesky It's São Paulo and Pinheiros River. Not the best but a nice picture. hwe  
Rodrigo123 This is not São Paulo! It's Teresina!!  +3
Marcos S. S. That's not São Paulo. That's Teresina City. Please fix it  +2
Daniel_Sousa Hahaha, São Paulo diferente essa, parece um lugar que conheço...Oh wait... É Teresina!!!  +2
MicBrazil Não é São Paulo! É Teresina.  +2
xrtn2 São Paulo ??? This is Teresina, Piaui State  +2
Brazilian001 Location is wrong, this is Teresina!  +5