guess the city image of April 16, 2014

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In total 73 people guessed this image. The following graph shows the result distribution.


The following users guessed the correct city: PlyrStar93 • AnmolSingh • m.a.g. • Pell0 • peterski • egramsb • toninus • SriCanada • nemo88 • habbish • macieii • james in tucson • nebarch • mdhar.v12 • Cani • C-DAC • pinomaiuli • Seoul_Korea


Welcome to the daily guess the city contest. In here you must guess what city you see on the city image. Images will change every day at midnight. Participants who guess the right city win 3 points, guessing the right country will get you 1 point. After you posted your guess, you will what other answers people guesses and you will be able to discuss today's image with other people who tried to guess the image.