one on one of December 20, 2014

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who builds future skyscrapers?



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EdnilsonQ It really depends on what do you mean by FUTURE, 2 years ago this day (12/20/2014) would be considered as future... Are you seeing drones building skyscrappers today ?  
EdnilsonQ Maybe in 150~200 years from know...  
RedLion727 Technology is going to destroy our societies by making employment impossible.  +1
billgates women  
Slacker2 Yeah screw having jobs! Drones! DRONES! Well I actually voted for construction workers...  +1
loit2007 drones  
kjnb drones  
Guajiro1 Men create drones and every other machinery, we win.  +1
JamieUK This is a very odd thing to vote on.  
Grejv There is nothing that can replace human's brain, not even machines.  
Dubai Skyscraper Don't say that! 100 years ago, the concept of a computer or a smartphone seemed impossivle too. And now look what we carry with us every day..!  +3
Dubai Skyscraper I have a dream, that one day, all hard work will be done by machines! (maybe in the year 3000 or sth.)  
Kanto Definitely drones, the future belongs to them  +2
prahovaploiesti men  
dark_shadow1 probably 3d printers.  +4
vartal men )