one on one of April 25, 2014

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parliament cup • finale

16 national houses of parliament, and 1 democratic tournament to vote which one is best of all


Washington, D.C. • USA » info


Budapest • Hungary » info

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Sisimoto the HUN After Westminster Palace,Reichstag and the Georgian parliament We will put the Capitol to the test as well! :D ORSZÁGHÁZ!  
BringMe Országház all the way! never liked Capitol though.  
Qtya Országház of course  
Huropo Capitol is amazing, however the Országház is the most beautiful one among the parliements. Even if this picture is not the best about the building.  
Zaro Budapest!!!  
Manitopiaaa I think Országház is more beautiful but voted for the US cause I'm a patriot at heart  
ThatOneGuy You'd think that since it beat the Capitol, the Reichstag and even the Westminister Palace, the Hungarian parliment woud be more famous.  
kjnb Országház  
Spencer One vote more for Országház  
Slartibartfas Sorry USA. the captiol is nice but stands no chance  +2
Singidunum Országház  
vartal Országház вне конкуренции просто.  
jackass94 Országház ftw, this thing is astonishing  
theAlone Országház