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Eight of the world most famous places where local never come. Which one is the WORST?

Times Square

New York City

Leaning Tower of Pisa


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bodegavendetta I am obsessed with this comparison.  
DouglasFir33 Pisa wins, just for the poor guy in the photo that is clearly not doing it right.  
Transamericapyramid I get why you go to Times Square. M&M's are glorious.  
DUBAI10000 On the left you have the 21st centuries world crossing, the epicenter of capitalism and human adventure. On the right you have an example of historic architecture. Your choice.  
IThomas On the left, Times Square: a plaza with giant screens; on the right, Piazza dei Miracoli: an Unesco WHS with great architecture :D [link] [link]  
Exethalion You are missing the pojnt of the poll. Which one is the worse tourist trap?  +2