one on one of April 21, 2015

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clock cup • finale

This tournament lines up 8 dedicated clock towers and 8 skyscrapers with clocks on top of them, in order to compete for the clock cup.

Big Ben

Elizabeth Tower • London » info

Palace of Culture and Science

Warsaw • 231 meter » info

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Exethalion ding dong  
RegentHouse How did a symbol of communist oppression make it to the finale against Big Ben?  +2
NOMAD€ Big Ben, London.  
Mois Big Ben  
Seoul_Korea Palace of Culture and Science  
JimB Err.....any chance that whoever is responsible for putting up this poll could attach the correct title to the Big Ben picture, since it beat Philadelphia City Hall by a big margin in the semi final? Or is this a deliberate attempt to make it a closer vote?!! ;-)  
JimB My vote goes to Big Ben, by the way. Far more iconic, more harmonious and, well, actual clock tower rather than just a very big building which happens to have a clock on the top of it!  +2
WUNDER-BAUM Philadelphia City Hall looks like Big Ben  +1
vartal Palace of Culture and Science  
WUNDER-BAUM Palace of Culture and Science for sure !!!  
Pell0 I voted for the Big Ben picture. Afterwards I read "Philadelphia City Hall"... Just like elections in my country, I have no idea what I voted for.  +4
Alexenergy here should be the Spasskaya tower against the Big Ben  
Kanto Palace of Science  
Edil Arda Palace of Culture and Science is more glorious.  
FAVAustinTX I don't think that's Philaldelphia, I will still vote for it.