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first skyscraper cup • quarter final

This one lines up eight buildings that arguably are or have been considered the first skyscraper in the world. Two are based on appearance, six on the first application of technological advancements that are deemed essential to skyscraper engineering, being the elevator and steel frame construction. Which one we think is the true first?

Flaxmill Maltings

Ditherington • 1797 • the first iron-framed building in the world » info

Jane Building

Philadelphia • 1850 • the first building of height desire » info

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vartal Jane Building  
Patrick Highrise Flaxmill was essential for us getting skyscrapers!  +1
RegentHouse It's spelled the "Jayne" Building.  
JamieUK One of the left i'd imagine is more important, one on the right is cooler looking  +1
Tchokan Jane Building