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Michael Graves cup • quarter final

Michael Graves, one of the architects who defines the era of Postmodern architecture, passed away on March 12, aged 80. This cup lines up his 8 tallest designs.


104 meter • 1998 • The Hague » info

The Impala

102 meter • 2001 • New York City » info

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Momo1435 Castalia, although it doesn't really work in the city. Somehow the liveliness of the old city never came to this new area, even though it's just a stones throw away from the most popular square in the city.  
zaphod Not even a contest. Mediocre Po-Mo is still much better than that boxy mess.  
Braillard This very rarely happens to me but... I cannot vote. Both are just equally as horrendous. What an eyesore.  +1
kjnb Castalia  
ThatOneGuy Castalia  
Bruce.Tenmile I really love Castalia. His work may be foul to some, but each to their own I say.  +1
Sheffleton chuckeh this is far more original and exciting than most other modern architecture  
Tchokan The Impala  
Chuckeh my god everything this man designed is foul!  +4
prahovaploiesti Castalia  
Kanto Impala  
vartal Castalia  +1