one on one of March 27, 2017

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wacky proposals in the news!

The Big Bend

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Analemma Tower

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Edil Arda Both are amazing.  
Vanaheim Anal Emma? Seriously?  +3
DUBAI10000 Both are disgusting and impractical. Very bad.  +2
solu├žo wtf  
fruit&nut Analemma - parachutes to land.....daft as it is, but how do they get back?  +1
HudaSatria i like analemma tower  
Braillard I voted for Analema but after checking the infos I regret my choice. Parachutes to reach the ground? No mixity between the sections? An entire section devolved to "worship" and another to "monument" (whatever that means)? It's a funny publicity stunt, nothing more. An original idea but a shallow project. I'd rather have the big bend.  
3tmk What madman would think about suspending a building from an asteroid in orbit! love it  
Que Paso? Analemma Tower because... why not? :D  
roydex this is madness :lol:  +4
midrise incrable nonsence  
JamieUK I feel like the Big Bend is telling me to get lost.  +1
Lindemann :crazy:  +1
vartal The Big Bend