one on one of October 20, 2014

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superhotel cup • quarter final

There are eight supertalls in the world that are full hotelscrapers. For this tournament we lined them up to see which one is best!

Rose Tower

Dubai • 333 meter • 2007 » info

Marriott Maoye City

Wuxi • 304 meter • 2014 » info

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LMortarotti The Rose Tower looks like a tampon  
JamieUK I'm sure the building on the left is popular with the ladies. Easy win for the left one IMO  
Xenoplas very difficult but the rose tower looks a little bit corny so the other one  
DubaiM deadhead the towers next to it are one of the oldest high-rises in Dubai only Al Attar Tower is a new one....yes I agree Al Attar Tower is ugly  
Talio Hunter Realtor Rose Tower  +1
kjnb Marriott Maoye City  
ERVATUGA Rose of Dubay :)  +2
deadhead262 Rose Tower is suprisingly nice for a city with such shit architecture (just look at the buildings next to it *pukes*).  +1
vartal Marriott Maoye City  
prahovaploiesti Rose Tower  +1