one on one of April 17, 2014

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Detroit cup • quarter final

We selected eight of the tallest and famous skyscrapers in Detroit for you de decide which one you like best!

Renaissance Center

221 meter • 1977 » info

Michigan Central Station

71 meter • 1913 » info

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ikops Renaissance center, the icon of the depressing seventies.  
prahovaploiesti Renaissance Center, but it's a shame that Michigan Central Station is in this condition. Hope Detroit will get back on track with it's economy.  
vittorio tauber Renaissance Center looks outdated and uninspired. Michigan, albeit dilapidated, is a never fading classic  
ThatOneGuy Ren Center  
Sukses_Bahagia Renaissance Center  
RaymondHood What an unflattering, falling-over-backwards, pic of the railroad station.  
Kanto MCS  
vartal Renaissance Center  
Naipesky The renaissance is the landmark and skyline of Detroit