one on one of October 4, 2015

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float cup • quarter final

This tournament lines up four of the largest floating structures of their kind in the world, and four floating urban structures. The respective winners will meet in the finale.

Allure of the Seas

largest cruise ship in the world • 362 meter » info

CSCL Globe

largest container ship in the world • 400 meter » info

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DUBAI10000 Cruise ship has way more design but I am amazed at the size of Cisco globe.  
pablo2812 CSCL Globe  +1
Australia27 CSCL Globe is great!  +1
UnHavrais CMA CGM Bougainville, inauguration in Le Havre the 6th october 2015 !  +1
Incoming_Zena05 Stronk CSCL Globe plis visit Genoa, plis.  +2
Xeni-2 both are hideous  
Avemano Anyway, I vote for the CSCL Globe because portual infrastructures in megaports are really impressive while ship cruise terminals are random.  +1
Avemano It's like we have a new "largest container ship" every month now. In september it was the CMA CGM Bougainville.  
Sechou CSCL Globe  +1
vartal Allure of the Seas