one on one of August 25, 2016

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olympic cup • semi final

what a good time it is to select eight olympic stadiums used for the opening ceremony to find out which one we think is best!


Munich • 1972 » info

Beijing National Stadium

Beijing • 2008 » info

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David Protest i just don't like the Munich stadium  
Tiaren Everyone not voting for Munich has clearly no clue about architecture and design history. It's roof is 44(!) years old and was revolutionary back then and still looks as if it was just build today. The Bird's Nest is one among many flashy, new stadiums and will soon be forgotten.  +1
Svartmetall For cutting-edge architecture at the time I have to go for Munich. Been to both sites myself and though I really like Beijing, I think Munich edges it out due to greenery.  +3
prahovaploiesti Beijing National Stadium  
Architecture lover Such a funny name (the one in Munich).  
Architecture lover I didn't vote for Munich tho, I am just stating that it has quite a funny name.  
AndersF It's the German word for Olympic Stadium  
Hindustani Bird's Nest easily.  
Che7779 Beijing