one on one of July 1, 2015

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mosque cup • round 1

In honor of ramadan we're going to have a look at 16 of the most famous, tallest, biggest en well known mosques to see which one we like best!

Hassan II Mosque

Casablanca • tallest minaret in the world » info

Great Mosque of Algiers

Algiers • future tallest minaret in the world » info

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aaabbbccc both are beautiful  
Axel76NG Hassan II mosque  
bidonv Wait to see final result you can't judge only the mockup  
Ichiban 1 Great Mosque of Algiers  
Fayeddd Hassan II M Mosque, modern doesnt always win the game  +2
The-s Hassan II, traditional architecture FTW !  +2
Sechou Great Mosque of Algiers  +2
vartal Hassan II Mosque  +3