one on one of October 25, 2014

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triplet cup • finale

This tournament lines up eight of the well known completed projects of exactly three individual structures but are unmistakably part as one design.

Flame Towers

Baku » info

Marina Bay Sands

Singapore » info

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Romeos Flame Towers  
Dr. Rabbit Marina Bay Sands FTW.  
BaKuCiTy F L A M E T O W E R S  
vartal Flame Towers  
ABUATOP Amazing Flame towers!  
Ferahim Flame Towers  +1
David Protest flame towers for intellectuals, marina for rednecks  +2
Arqmorais Marina Bay Sands, claro!!!  +1
Kyll.Ing. MBS, no doubt. Just the engineering involved tickles my senses. I mean, that skypark is built to accomodate the sway of three different towers, and the cantilever on the east side i protruding almost 60 metres. And despite wind, ground settling (different for the three towers) and the occasional dance party, the swimming pool's edge stays perfectly level. Awesome design, awesome engineering.  +2
Ferid477 Flame towers  
Derbendy Flame towers  
prahovaploiesti Marina Bay Sands  +1
Muyangguniang Marina Bays Sands, original as f*ck  +1
Keete Flame Towers!!! Baku und alles! Haben Sie verstanden?  +1
VentBlanc Both horrible. This is not architecture.  +1
deadhead262 Flame Towers. Marina Bay is ugly as fuck, just has a cool roof.  +1
Kangaroo MZ Flame towers!  +1
Edil Arda Marina Bay Sands for sure.  +1
Evrasia 99911 Flame Towers of course  +1
chibetogdl i hate both, the one in baku looks like a trhesome of thongs, the one from singapour looks like god knows what, i hate a little less the complex from baku  
Seoul_Korea Flame Towers  +1
Xtreminal FT  
zaurinio Flame Towers! Especially at night it is alive.  +3
kjnb Flame Towers  +1
Braillard MBS -----------!  +1 MBS is very light.  
Tchokan Flame Towers  
disposal The outcome of this contest is enough predictable... But in any way I want to congratulate Flame Towers with the fact that it's third final where the buildings take part. Flame Towers are not located in such a famous alfa-city (as The Shard in London), not have such a long lasting reputation (as Marina Bay Sands). But despite these aspects, Flame Towers have own big enough audience that constantly supports them. I think it's eminent achievement for any buildings! Depite the outcome I'm glad for Flame Towers.  +12
Braillard Okay, so you've got a time machine? Or you're just pretending?  +1
disposal ^^ :lol:  
ozabyss Marina Bay  +1
disposal Flame Towers!  +4