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etcetera vs. etcetera

trees on skyscrapers



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RegentHouse "Sky gardens" have been around for years.  +1
Taller, Better ?  
3tmk Fad. Give it a year or two and people will grow tired of maintaining those trees.  
SMCYB That's why you hire a building manager/superintendent.  
Xenoplas what?  
prahovaploiesti future  
Skyline Art I guess if one is reality and the other is fiction, then i vote reality (future) it is.  
Skyline Art Is this like spot the difference? As to me they look exactly the same.  +2
SMCYB Waldo could be the building manager (see above).  
mpeculea future, always future. The tree on the building will be bigger then...  
urbman this is so difficult, i cant decide my vote  
vartal What this?  +1
vartal ок, future )  +1