one on one of June 2, 2011

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supertalls world cup • round 2

This tournament will determine the world's most popular supertall building either completed or nearing completion. Contestants have been seeded in order of height. Individual one on one contests will be open for a week to vote, after which the winner will move on to the next round.

Nanjing Greenland FC

Nanjing • China • 450 meter • 2010 » info

Aon Center

Chicago • USA • 346.26 meter • 1973 » info

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fragel of course NJGFC. amazing cladding and interesting design by SOM. Aon? meh, it's not even impressive when you see it  
trimesh Sorry, Aon - but you just aren't an interesting looking building.  
El Fredo Bland vs. Bizarre. I tossed a coin  
Thanial someone please tell me why people are actually voting for aon???  
LegitimateAnswer NGFC wins for the design, but you got to give it to Aon, i mean it was built in 1973 and still looks bada**  
maxpower001 Aon is an ugly box, my vote goes to Nanjing  
MonsterPug Aon  
Dalgians nanjing greenland fc :D  
Kanto Mini WTC FTW!  
ddss lol wow how is this even a contest  
keepthepast AON is classic beauty blended with modern utility  
smg820 Nanjing Greenland FC beautiful design  
christian joe Asians! you know what to choose!  
ALEXEJ Nanjing Greenland FC, you are beautiful so it's impossible to be quiet!  
Pansori I'm sorry but AON is merely a BOX. Only because it's kinda famous doesn't make it for me.  
sluta_bitas sth is wrong with the vote counting, 45% could not have voted on a box.  
Effer Aon all the way. The Nanjing Tower is ugly if anything.  
Dimms @eyjafjallajokulls: indeed  
eyjafjallajokulls definately not a contest for NGFC, Aon is boring and so so so so BORING!!!!  
dean87 lol zhongguo  
djm160190 A tall futuristic looking skyscraper vs a tall ugly box?!  
Aztecgoddess Yep, by far XD  
boschb "Aon center by far." "ngfc looks cheap, sorry. aon it is!" lol  
Erran Okay, enough for the boxy things. Nanjing!  
Pansori Nanjing Greenland...  
fordgtman1992 Nanjing!  
Aztecgoddess Aon center by far.  
robbie el conejo Aon Center!!!  
[{x}] ngfc looks cheap, sorry. aon it is!  
desertpunk AON Carrera marble FTW!  
friday125 aon center reminds me of WTC  
0918181818 aon center of chicago very nice  
Nordicon mr. hanoi- This is skyscrapers not politics  
Nordicon mr.hanoi  
Rafael Cevidanes NGFC of course!  
Octellure You made your time AON center, despite the fact this picture at the right is really flattering it.  
dhodho_1996 AON... sorry, but Greenland is just look amazing  
mr.hanoi Vote for USA not China  
CheeseTree Nanjing Greenland !!  
Ondro Spire FTW  
Lausanne AON looks like World Trade Center  
Dimms @patrykus: eh, way too boring  
patrykus call me pro american I dont care. Just AON Center is so awesome looking tower.  
aymy202 Nanjing Greenland FC look so ugly  
hotice Remind that roof high is 336m (Nangig G) vs 346m Aon C  
Vrooms Nanjing Greenland FC  
GFM 3D Aon  
lianli Nanjing Greenland FC is one of the most futuristic skyscrapers in the world !!!  
OldBoy137 Nanjing Greenland FC  
KillerZavatar NGFC of course  
Singidunum Aon  
fayzoon Nanjing LOOKS better !  
Mutiix123 Nanjing = the best! :)