one on one of November 28, 2011

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tourist city cup • round 1

We selected the top-16 tourist travel destination out of a list of 25 composed by travel rating Web site Tripadvisor. This tournament lines them up again to see what we think about these. Vote the city which you would favor to go on vacation to.

New York City

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wino KYOTO!! :)  
Nigelfs New York has always to be the tops......  
Róka New York City a világ fővárosa!  
Róka New York City a vvilág fővárosa!  
mungus nyc  
Mike____ NYC..  
keokiracer @lianli certainly has a good point. That's also why I'm voting for NYC :)  
CJ_12 NY ovbio  
Kanto NYC  
bwistle New york!!!  
ArtZ Kyoto  
Babel_ambitions @lianli has a point  
Imperfect Ending Kyoto  
geaquinto another tough one  
OldBoy137 New York City  
Azrain98 SO hard to choose..New York is biggest city in world..Japan has a good I choose Japan..=)  
lianli As a "normal" tourist this would be a hard choice, but this is a skyscraper forum...  
Braillard Woaaaa So though... It's just impossible to choose...  
Vrooms New york!!