one on one of December 12, 2011

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flickscraper cup • round 1

This tournament lines up 16 of the most famous fictional skyscrapers designed for movies.

Glass Tower

San Francisco • Towering Inferno » info

Bank Casino

Las Vegas • Ocean`s Thirteen » info

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Kanto Glass  
Blue Flame glass please. :D  
Deathmaster89 San Francisco  
mrkarry1 At Keats it seems like the glass tower could be real but the bank casino is just to ugly to even be a vision  
Alejandro24 Glass Tower is more impressive. Look it at SC4.  
Wisch has vegas ever won a war on better architecture? Seriously  
Miguel S Haven't watched any of the movies, but the Glass Tower looks way more sober and stilyzed.  
GunnerJacket O13 was a solid movie, but The Bank is a near structural impossibility, or at least a logisitcal nightmare.  
soteropolis25 Glass Tower  
Aztecgoddess TI rocks!  
3tmk I don't even remember there being a skyscraper in Ocean's Thirteen... then again I don't remember anything after the first movie  
mrkarry1 Glass tower  
Bruce.Tenmile For a 2007 film, that Bank Tower looks really bad. Not the design, though that's not nice either, but the effects.  
Mutiix123 Glass Tower of course  
desertpunk The Vegas one is crazier!  
SirAdrian Glass Tower is awesome, i remember that movie. I wish it was real, minus the tendency to catch fire :)  
lamc60 When it's fictional, it has to be over the top. Bank Casino rules  
VirDiligo Bank Casino is too fancy. Exhibitionist architecture is abominable.  
OldBoy137 Bank Casino  
Waluigi Glass tower!  
SSC Metro Manila glass tower is more realistic!