one on one of December 26, 2011

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flickscraper cup • quarter final

This tournament lines up 16 of the most famous fictional skyscrapers designed for movies.


Rohan • Lord of the Rings » info

Senate Building

Coruscant • Star Wars » info

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GFM 3D Coruscant  
thedurringtondoctor neither of them  
Kanto Isengard kinda reminds me of the Seoul Lotte Super Tower  
Bruce.Tenmile Orthanc's a proper tower, the Senate Building is just a big dome with no verticality.  
Keyone SB  
ArtZ Senate Bldg  
OldBoy137 Isengard  
Braillard Isengard! Build it for real!  
endar prefer to Senate Building, its good