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monument vs. monument

Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro • Brazil » info

Cathedral of Brasília

Brasília • Brazil » info

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QuarterMileSidewalk Um, Rio's looks like the Tyrell HQ from Blade Runner. Brasília's actually looks religious.  
Kato Brasília!  
vartal Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro  
@ЯкLeĢ El de Rio esta gacho con ganas :ohno:  
OldBoy137 Cathedral of Brasília  
thewarriors_deck can't choose... both of them extremely ugly  
mecanico242 horribles  
Oskar.Mx The one in Rio is soooooo ugly and sooooo beautiful at the same time!!!  
FaseREM cooling tower vs monument  
Babel_ambitions One on the right is more beautiful, the one on the left is more awesome!  
Keyone CoB  
jome_omt Both are terribly awful. But I'll go for Brasilia's one  
lamc60 Niemeyer rules!  
ArtZ Brasilia's one looks better  
Coku Brasilia's Cathedral is an architecture style (Niemayer rules)  
geaquinto no doubt! i live in Rio, but the Brasilia one is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better!  
SEAfan Naw. Gimme a good old-fashioned cathedral any day.  
ooh the rio one is a monstrosity.  
Braillard can't choose, both equally ugly  
kjnb Cathedral of Brasília