one on one of April 30, 2012

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architecture vs. architecture

Cube House

Rotterdam • the Netherlands » info

Ball House

Den Bosch • the Netherlands » info

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Denjiro Go Rotterdam!  
lohxy Well don't care about that so much, but it's impressive to have these unique buildings in netherland.  
Core Rising I wouldn't want to live in balls.  
thedurringtondoctor do people live there? no wonder they all smoke weed all day.  
Himmelw√§rts both are retarded.  
OldBoy137 Cube House  
ArtZ cube  
Keyone Cube House  
jome_omt Den Bosch  
vartal Ball House  
Adpenturz cube house :okay:  
Mike____ both ugly.. those ball houses look very small!  
kjnb Ball House