one on one of December 11, 2012

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unbuilt cup • round 1

This tournament lines up 16 of the most popular unbuilt skyscrapers. Vote for your favorite that never was!

Penang Global City Center

Penang • Malaysia » info

Grollo Tower

Melbourne • Australia • 560 meter » info

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World 2 World PGCC!!!  
Azrain98 205-203 !!! go go  
Braillard 202-202!  
superfan Made it 194-192 :)  
Azrain98 awwww 191-190  
Braillard 185 183 Tight fight again  
IngMarco people is blinded for height PGCC should be killing  
Tchokan 158 vs 156  
Tchokan penang global city center  
Thanial Give me Grollo any day! Way ahead of its time.  
guy4versa pgcc of course  
thedurringtondoctor I am sure I saw PGCC in a star trek movie about 20 years ago!  
the man from k-town 84:82  
jome_omt This is a tough one! OMG, after my vote it's 79 vs. 79! I've finally voted for Penang  
archilover penang global city center!..grollo look too simple and plain!  
Legomaniac 76 vs 77....grollo lolo lo lolololo..comment helped trolololol  
kjnb Grollo Tower  
RyanWolf Penang!!! o:  
Singidunum Grollo Tower  
Kanto Grollo lolo lo lololo lololo ........  
tim1807 pgcc p m  
vartal Penang Global City Center  
Azrain98 both are awesome but I'm going to PGCC