one on one of January 27, 2013

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2012 cup • round 1

32 of the most popular and tallest skyscrapers completed in 2012 compete for the 2012 Cup!

Menara Felda

200 meter • Kuala Lumpur • Malaysia » info


137 meter • Bucharest • Romania » info

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mw123 Skytower looks sophisticated and elegant. MF looks nice but I'm not a fan of the top bit.  
UpAndUp Dislike the windows on the Romanian tower...euhhhh  
[{x}] How is this slavtrash cylinder winning? Bet if I edit location to "flordia," change picture to night, and add blue skylights Menara would win 10:1  
RokasLT MF have better engles  
ArtZ I can't believe that this Romanian sh*t wins.  
Caius the Shadow Skytower all the way  
UjaiDidida MENARA FELDA. originality ⇈  
Ingwaeone I just realized skyscrapers obviously resemble genitals.  
ArtZ MF is much more interesting  
xolo68 i think we need a psichiatric therapy for this member because that skycraper won't pass for the next round as per votes at this time  
xolo68 i think we have an extremelly fanatic here,,,, !!!  
TrueBulgarian Skytower  
vartal Menara Felda  
guy4versa both nice..but felda get my vote  
Unregistered both are nice on their own design, however what makes difference is the mosaic work on skytower waterglass, looks simple and elegant, ,,, so my vote went to skytower  
Kanto Skytower  
Thanial Both are nice without being amazing, but my vote goes to Skytower!  
Sheridan Menarda Felda surely.  
gogo3o Skytower  
singoone Sky tower is really nice!  
bozenBDJ Skytower, Bucharest FTW.  
Unregistered FELDA has architecture superior!  
QalzimCity FELDA has architecture superior!  
master-chivas Menara Felda is pretty good but Skytower is really good :D  
ThatOneGuy Bucuresti, draga mea!!! Sky Tower is just gorgeous.  
archilover felda  
kjnb Skytower  
Braillard Felda  
Tchokan skytower  
Singidunum Skytower Bucharest definitely!  
k% Go Romania ! Cheers from Poland :)  
Vrooms Skytower  
Dimethyltryptamine Skytower