one on one of July 29, 2013

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Hall of Fame 2013 Cup • finale

This tournament will decide which skyscraper will be the popular induction of 2013 in the Skyscraper Hall of Fame!

Bank of China Tower

Hong Kong • 367 meter • 1990 » info

Jin Mao Tower

Shanghai • 421 meter • 1999 » info

this matchup has closed

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L.A.F.2. Jin Mao.  
desertpunk C'mon! Jin Mao!  
Kanto Qui Gon Jin Mao  
DZH22 Well, this is blowout city, making the Flatiron the official runner-up of this tournament. Does that mean Flatiron makes it as well? Congrats to BOC by the way. Great building.  
prahovaploiesti Bank of China Tower  
vartal Эх, один Китай...  
usman1973 do you have any job in baku triumph tower  
Liberty City My comment is about the Bank of China.  
Liberty City It is no casual design, nice lines.  
Tchokan bank of china tower  
kjnb Bank of China Tower  
Thanial No contest. Jin Mao is amazing, but is hardly iconic, in fact not many people away from this site would recognise this building, but Bank of China is amazing and iconic, and you'd be surprised how many people recognise it. It gets my vote!  
ikops Jin Mao looks more badass. Like something from a Christopher Nolan-movie.  
ThatOneGuy Bank  
bozenBDJ Bank of China Tower  
KillerFrenchFry Bank of China  
UjaiDidida Jin Mao Tower