one on one of September 6, 2013

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Jeddah construction cup • quarter final

Lining 8 the 8 tallest projects under construction in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to find out which one we're looking forward to the most!

Diamond Tower

432 meter » info

Al Jawhara Tower

178 meter » info

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dysan1 both are bad taste  
Thanial Diamond Tower looks awful in the renders but I reckon it'll look a lot better once it's built!  
dean87 both fugly..  
Avemano I agree with [8]  
L.A.F.2. Diamond.  
jome_omt Diamond is horrible!  
prahovaploiesti Edit: @thedurringtondoctor - because it's their money and they do what they want with it.  
prahovaploiesti @ because it's their money and they do what they want with it.  
Limassoler What's that monster on the left?  
kjnb Diamond Tower  
TaxiRide ahuhuahuauah  
thedurringtondoctor hideously stupid and vulgar. Why don't the saudis do something sensible with their money?  
vartal Diamond Tower  
AndersF Al Jawhara feels like the least craptastic one in this cup  
oompaloompa Al Jawhara Tower  
ThatOneGuy Al Jawahara  
Tchokan al jawhara tower  
bozenBDJ Al Jawhara Tower  
Singidunum Eww