one on one of January 23, 2016

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europe 2015 cup • quarter final

Instead of one large 2015 cup we're going to break it down in multiple 2015 cups of which the winners will meet in the grand finale. Next up are the 8 best known and most talked about new skyscrapers in Europe.

Evolution Tower

Moscow • 246 meter » info

BBVA Headquarters

Madrid • 93 meter » info

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wjfox Evolution Tower  
prahovaploiesti Evolution Tower  
NOMAD€ Evolution Tower, Moscow  +2
towerpower123 The most beautiful twisting tower versus a can of ham?! Time for the epic slay of 2016!  +10
NewKIWI Definitely ET  +1
IBeMo. Only the spanish voted for their canned ham  +13
arhimed2050 BBVA Headquarters of Madrid  +1
Victhor BBVA is a bank, notice that it has the shape of the € symbol. But my vote goes for Evolution towrer  +2
RaymondHood Twisty vs. Buddha. Both unattractive.  
DUBAI10000 My vote goes to Evolution tower even though its a copy of Dubai's cayan Tower (310M) and the all original Turning Torso standing at 200 Meters.  
Xenoplas trust me there exist way older spiral towers for example in Kuala Lumpur or Nagoya ;)  +2
//// Because everything what looks familiar actually is just a copy. © DUBAI10000  +6
igor Evolution Tower  +5
stwebm BBVA  
vartal Evolution Tower  +6