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europe 2015 cup • quarter final

Instead of one large 2015 cup we're going to break it down in multiple 2015 cups of which the winners will meet in the grand finale. Next up are the 8 best known and most talked about new skyscrapers in Europe.

Allianz Tower

Milan • 207 meter » info

Torre Intesa Sanpaolo

Turin • 166 meter » info

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Efisio who choose the pics it's an ignorant. the quality an the architectonic details of the second building rules on the first building. The first pic it's obviously a render and so it's much different from royal version. seen from a side Il Dritto seems a grey chimney... try to see ISP building from north or south and you'll think again about your votes, at least you are Milaneis  
Bradipo The first picture in NOT a render: you can also see the Allianz sign at the top...  
Xenophon Im voting for Allianz based on this post. Few things make me happier than seeing a Milanese sooking. Among them is seeing you sooking hard.  
Efisio Even it's not a render the views make in result obviously your "dick" e poi beccatela una città bella come la nostra... te la sogni!  
Xenophon No idea what that meant but my frevadar detects freva in that post.  
prahovaploiesti Allianz Tower  
Darth Lagan Ma chi sceglie le foto? Un primate appena sceso dall'albero? Per fare paragoni onesti bisogna utilizzare foto da angolazioni simili...ah già, Milano, onestà, non son termini che stan bene nella stessa frase.  +1
FaseREM I voted Torino only because it's my city... but honestly I don't like ISP tower.  
kiob not alway te best wins.... this is the case. but this vote is for the fun, and in real world does not matter  
Exethalion Allianz because my dad works for that company  +1
Xenophon Guyang vs West Xuan Han, quite the straccion war here. A tough, tough choice indeed, I'll make my decision known soon but first Im off for a wank  +2
SOLOMON Milano.  
TOOL89RM il Dritto non c'è storia, l'intesa è troppo tozzo, fosse stato una 30ina di metri in più sarebbe stato più slanciato e bello  
Momosty Milano !  
ThatOneGuy Both are nice, but I prefer Milan  
Tom2807 milano for ever  
SMCYB If we're voting for best angle to take a picture of a building in order to see what it looks like, I vote for the one on the right.  +4
DUBAI10000 They are both the new modern (2010-2015) design that i'm not very fond of.  
Viudez non c'è storia...  
Milanomia Allianz Tower Milan  
narkelion I can't vote any of these, since I don't see them from my window. What a pity.  +2
NOMAD€ You liar! Il Dritto can be seen even from the remotest place on earth! It's also well known that it's the only human building visible from space..  +3
mr. Bloom Allianz Tower-Il Dritto, Milan.  
IThomas [link]  
stwebm dritto è meglio  +1
Tricoz No chance  
NOMAD€ Allianz Tower-Il Dritto, Milan.  +2
vinceItaly T'orino sooka duro!  +4
Paolo98.To Fuck off vince...!! ;D  +2
Incoming_Zena05 Plz put "The Big Pencil" - Genoa.  +1
NOMAD€ Maybe you mean the Pencilone!  
vartal Allianz Tower