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middle east 2015 cup • quarter final

Instead of one large 2015 cup we're going to break it down in multiple 2015 cups of which the winners will meet in the grand finale. Next up are the 8 best known and most talked about new skyscrapers in the Middle East.

D1 Tower

Dubai • 284 meter » info

Al Hekma Tower

Dubai • 282 meter » info

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Braillard Al Hekma Tower is really the first tower in Dubai I am really fond of. This blend of futurism and gothic style! wow  
Blue Flame Definitely Al Hikma- it is much more original.  
prahovaploiesti Al Hekma Tower  
vartal Al Hekma Tower  
Xenoplas that thing on the right looks like the exhaust of one of those really ugly biker motorcycles  
Mr Nev Not the Klingon vibrator  +1
RyanWolf Al Hekma looks more nice not only more-one-glass-tower.  
DubaiM My vote goes for D1 Tower, but I still have to say that Al Hekma Tower is a very unique building. I love it's architectural features that let it look so futuristic!  
gwiATLeman Al Hekma has way too much going on for my taste.  
DUBAI10000 These are the most well-known buildings in the middle east.  
FloripaNation D1  
Lindemann A building versus... a... driller?  +8
Gabriel900 Ok cmon both these towers look better than they look like in these pics!  +2
Jan You'd indeed reckon, but it was surprisingly difficult to find any recent images that fit the box.  +2
DubaiM Yes, it seems like they always choose horrible pics for Dubai towers