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middle east 2015 cup • quarter final

Instead of one large 2015 cup we're going to break it down in multiple 2015 cups of which the winners will meet in the grand finale. Next up are the 8 best known and most talked about new skyscrapers in the Middle East.

Amman Rotana

Amman • 188 meter » info

Four Seasons

Manama • 268 meter » info

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Victhor Tie :D  +1
prahovaploiesti Four Seasons  
vartal Four Seasons  
ThatOneGuy 4 Seasons looks cool!  
zaphod Sure, the 4 seasons is a bit dated. But we have too many extruded glass forms nowadays. They are the new black glass box of the 70s. I want some creativity and diversity in architecture please.  
MetaCRNL Both of these atre pretty awful.  
RaymondHood Who bent the Rotana?  
JamieUK The one on the right is the ugliest thing I have ever seen.  
NOMAD€ Amman Rotana  +1