one on one of February 5, 2016

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china 2015 cup • semi final

Today's skyscraper powerhouse China already has five entrees in the supertalls 2015 tournament, but there are some new projects left in China that deserve a shot at some title this year. Winner will advance to the 2015 finale!

Best of Suzhou

Gate to the East

Suzhou • 302 meter » info

Modern Media Plaza

Suzhou • 228 meter » info

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Braillard Well both are horrendous IMHO  
prahovaploiesti Gate to the East  +1
KillerZavatar those comments surprise me, i would have thought the pants would be loved by most people.  +1
JamieUK Both are horrid.  +4
Xenoplas pants of the east against a halfpipe?  +3
TallestKidOnTheBlock Gate to the East looks like a pair of pants. Still, I do prefer it over MMP.  
BadgerCT Giant skateboard ramp!  +1
aoz1974 NYC's world trade center?  
superfan The left one looks more eek-on-ik  
vartal Gate to the East  +2