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australia 2015 Cup • semi final

Australia had a prolific skyscraper year in 2015, so for our next stop in our search for the best, most interesting and most talked about skyscraper we're looking at Australia's best.

180 Brisbane

Brisbane • 152 meter » info

Swanston Square Apt. Tower

Melbourne • 115 meter » info

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yukatan_boy muy feas  
Martin H Unzon Both creative, original but may be not much good-looking  
Mr Nev Swanston is a simple Photoshop technique made 3D  
aoz1974 Both of them are horrible!  +1
RaymondHood I'm voting for Swanston Square because it's smaller.  
prahovaploiesti Swanston Square Apt. Tower  
JamieUK Hmm, which is the least hideous ugly.  +8
shabangabang Brissie. Swanston St is freaky looking  +1
vartal Swanston Square Apt. Tower  
FAVAustinTX Love the story behind Swanston Square  +1