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europe 2015 cup • semi final

Instead of one large 2015 cup we're going to break it down in multiple 2015 cups of which the winners will meet in the grand finale. Next up are the 8 best known and most talked about new skyscrapers in Europe.

The Tower at Saffron Square

London • 134 meter » info

Allianz Tower

Milan • 207 meter » info

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vartal Allianz Tower  
mariusCT seriously now, who is choosing these pictures???  +3
Slovenec penis me srbi  
roballan London for me. It's refreshing to see a colorful building within that world tendency of soulless colorless generic buildings.  +2
Sergione Allianz Tower is surely more elegant  +1
TONYBILD the "dritto" is more beautiful  
vittorio tauber No contest. Dritto al the way.  
Seoul_Korea Milan's Allianz Tower.  
vinceItaly We like it "dritto"!  
giusva62 Milan forever  
Brenno79 Allianz Tower  
meteoforumitalia alliaz for sure  
frensismulociattante allianz has crutches like the elderly, is not credible! is better the nano London skyscraper (from italy for fabbri88@)  +1
IThomas allianz tower  
frensismulociattante il dritto  
prahovaploiesti Allianz Tower  +1