one on one of February 18, 2016

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middle east 2015 cup • semi final

Instead of one large 2015 cup we're going to break it down in multiple 2015 cups of which the winners will meet in the grand finale. Next up are the 8 best known and most talked about new skyscrapers in the Middle East.

Villas in the Sky

Riyadh • 150 meter » info

Four Seasons

Manama • 268 meter » info

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someo both are ugly  
ThatOneGuy I really like the Four Seasons, reminds me of Mad Men for some reason  
NOMAD€ Villas in the sky, Riyadh  +1
SMCYB I vote for Boston's Federal Reserve Building. [link]  
vartal Four Seasons  
bal01 Fourseasons  
RaymondHood I voted for 4 Seasons under protest. Both mediocre.  +1
prahovaploiesti Four Seasons