one on one of February 21, 2016

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flatiron look-alike cup • quarter final

There is only Flatiron Building, but there many like it. Which one of the following eight do you think wears it best?

Phelan Flatiron Building

San Francisco » info

Columbus Tower

San Francisco » info

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RĂ³ka Phelan Flatiron Building  
Hudson11 well, if we're voting based on similarity, the choice should be pretty easy.  +1
Sky Blue Lee I love the original Flatiron building in NY, but the Phelan building is just a carbon copy. Columbus tower looks really cool, though.  +2
prahovaploiesti Phelan Flatiron Building  
Slartibartfas Too hard, I can't decide ...  +1
Fawaz1 Left triangle building, you will see that building in every corner in New York/ Boston  +2
vartal Phelan Flatiron Building