one on one of February 22, 2016

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flatiron look-alike cup • quarter final

There is only Flatiron Building, but there many like it. Which one of the following eight do you think wears it best?

Flatiron Building

Fort Worth » info

The Black Friar

London » info

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RĂ³ka Flatiron Building, Fort Worth, Texas  
pierre_allouez The clock on TBF saved my life one time, true story. Divine Design.  +1
Mr Nev If the competition is for "look alike", meaning copy-cat, then Fort Worth. Black Friar was built in 1875, so it predates Flatiron Building by 27 years.  +2
Jan well consider this a remind-a-like contest than ;)  +2
Federation2014 TBF  
Gabriel900 They both look so cute  +3
Exethalion The Black Friar is absolutely stunning on the inside  +1
dj4life TBF! :)  
prahovaploiesti The Black Friar  +2
vartal The Black Friar