one on one of February 24, 2016

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flatiron look-alike cup • quarter final

There is only Flatiron Building, but there many like it. Which one of the following eight do you think wears it best?

Gooderham Building

Toronto » info


The Hague » info

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towerpower123 There are far better views of Strijkijzer from a further distance  
Braillard Strijkijzer  
gwiATLeman I like Strijkijzer but it is too tall to be a Flatiron building.  
Gutovsky When you vote, you have already demonstrated your opinion. No need to repeat the exact title of the picture here as a "comment".  
Róka Gooderham Building  
arhimed2050 Gooderham Building of Toronto, Canada  +1
RaymondHood Het Strijkijzer, because it doesn't look like the Flatiron Bldg. It's not a copycat. and looks very good on its own terms..  +1
monkeyronin The Gooderham isn't a copycat either - it predates the Flatiron by a decade. If anything Strijkijzer is a more obvious homage to it.  +2
prahovaploiesti Gooderham Building  
vartal Gooderham Building