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europe 2015 cup • finale

Instead of one large 2015 cup we're going to break it down in multiple 2015 cups of which the winners will meet in the grand finale. Next up are the 8 best known and most talked about new skyscrapers in Europe.

Evolution Tower

Moscow • 246 meter » info

Allianz Tower

Milan • 207 meter » info

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prahovaploiesti Evolution Tower  
Barbican Evolution tower is the best in my opinion  
mozzo Il Dritto  +1
NOMAD€ Il Dritto is the best turning tower in the world.  +1
Sergio_Bel Evolution Tower  
gimenez Evolution tower without a doubt!  
Brenno79 Allianz Tower  
igor Evolution Tower  +1
vinttt Evolution  
MetaCRNL Pictures of Evo in its thread are incredible. Moscow business district devlopments are constantly pushing boundaries.  
dars-dm Funny to see how the preferences have changed (and they don't) [link]  +2
bicoccagio it's like Pamela Anderson Vs Angelina Jolie. :D Jolie all the life ( Pamela sometimes, only in the bed) ;D  
narvaa7 Evolution  
Georicky Moscow from Milan. But we are waiting for Lo Storto, that will be much more beautiful and elegant than the Evolution Tower. Be prepared! We are coming!!!  
gran Milan Allianz epitomizes refinement without frills.  
TaxiRide my vote is for Milan, but i know that as usual the tacky one will always win  +1
Sergione Allianz tower only for patriotism :)  
Orcokahn Il Dritto è il Dritto, ma il fusillo mi piace ancor di più.  
Pansori Really easy one. Milan.  +2
Silent soul Evo is a mind blowing tower, especially if you stand near it's base.  
bicoccagio At first impact I'd say Evolution, after a minute Allianz: more elegant, perfect in every contest. Both excellent anyway.  +3
arhimed2050 The tower "Evolution" with a poisonous color of glass seems flawed - these white lines against the dark glass facade.  
arhimed2050 The tower "Evolution" with a poisonous color of glass seems flawed - these white lines against the dark glassed facade (3/5)  
arhimed2050 Башня "Альянс" в Милане как Серебряный кристалл  
arhimed2050 Allianz Tower of Milan as The Silver Crystal (+555+)  +1
frabregs Evolution tower looks like a fusillo pasta. [link] href="">link]  
AlexTS Evolution is much better than all other towers in the world !!!  +3
IThomas [link]  +2
IThomas [link]  +3
IThomas [link]  +2
Blackhavvk Ultimate skyscraper. Preparing for a meeting with the Shanghai tower in the grand final. EVOLUTION  
Abzal Evolution Tower  +6