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australia 2015 Cup • finale

Australia had a prolific skyscraper year in 2015, so for our next stop in our search for the best, most interesting and most talked about skyscraper we're looking at Australia's best.

568 Collins

Melbourne • 224 meter » info

Swanston Square Apt. Tower

Melbourne • 115 meter » info

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building demolisher From the weirdos they choose the champions, sadly Marx face don't have a chance  
greencitizen144 Is that a face on the right tower...  
prahovaploiesti 568 Collins  
Shanperson Is the one on the right made of paper?  
LCIII WTF...  +3
Fabricio JF Taller, Better  
DUBAI10000 swanston square is disquisting.  
lok1999 Is there really any contest there?  
WasikSC Can I go work and live in Australia already ??  
vartal 568 Collins  +1
superfan The one with the portrait  +1