one on one of March 5, 2016

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flatiron look-alike cup • semi final

There is only Flatiron Building, but there many like it. Which one of the following eight do you think wears it best?

Flatiron Building

Atlanta » info

Gooderham Building

Toronto » info

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RĂ³ka Gooderham Building  
JLJCLPEPE toronto  
Manitopiaaa I like Gooderham. It's one of Toronto's last 19th century beauties before they destroyed their historic core for condos and parking lots. But I'll vote Flatiron on this one. It's a stunner and it fits into its surroundings much better.  
monkeyronin The hell are you talking about?  
SEAfan Atlanta. Toronto is too wide at the point and round.  +1
shivtim Flatiron Atlanta  
arhimed2050 Gooderham Building of Toronto, Canada 5/5  
prahovaploiesti Flatiron Building  
vartal Flatiron Building