one on one of March 7, 2016

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weird china cup • quarter final

Recently the news broke that China's leaders won't have any more of that bizarchitecture that we all love so much. Let's see which one we love best while we can!

pot noodle


bottle of booze

Wuliangye Yibin building • Yibin

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prahovaploiesti pot noodle  
ikops The weirdest here is offcourse the bottle of booze  
loko_man13 the weirdiest should win not the least weird  +2
Zaz965 pot noodle is awesome  
shivtim You guys, it's a GIANT BOTTLE OF BOOZE. Easy choice.  +2
dbk bootle of booz is worse, it has my vote!  +3
RaymondHood Timid voters here!