one on one of March 8, 2016

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weird china cup • quarter final

Recently the news broke that China's leaders won't have any more of that bizarchitecture that we all love so much. Let's see which one we love best while we can!


Mobile phone building • Kunming

three guys

Tianzi Hotel • Langfang » info

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prahovaploiesti cellphone  
ElGatoSaez maybe the three guys are the three wise men  
Nightsky The 3 guys, they are better then an outdated cell phone :)  
Seoul_Korea I hope the cellphone-like building will be demolished, soon. It's hideous.  +2
RaymondHood I chose the 3 guys...more ridiculous  +5
SpiderBHZ hahaha makes sense too  
towerpower123 never saw the cell phone one before  
SpiderBHZ I chose the 3 guys...less ridiculous  +2
vartal three guys