one on one of March 9, 2016

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weird china cup • quarter final

Recently the news broke that China's leaders won't have any more of that bizarchitecture that we all love so much. Let's see which one we love best while we can!

piano and violin


Starship Enterprise

NetDragon Websoft builing • Fuzhou

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prahovaploiesti piano and violin  
SMCYB Tough call, but I voted for Piano and Bass. (It looks more like a bass than a violin in scale next to the piano.)  +2
natansalda well those ones are actually nice :)  +5
arhimed2050 Starship Enterprise of Fuzhou, China  +1
vartal Starship Enterprise  +1
FAVAustinTX I love this cup, don't know what's coming next.  +2